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Resume Worded is an AI-powered career platform designed to assist job seekers in enhancing their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. This innovative tool offers immediate feedback and actionable steps, making it a significant aid in the job application process.

Developed with insights from top recruiters, Resume Worded utilizes AI technology to provide instant, tailored feedback on resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Its goal is to help users land more interviews and job opportunities by optimizing their profiles and resumes for recruiter and hiring manager criteria​​​​.

Key Features

Instant Resume Review: Resume Worded offers a quick resume evaluation service called “Score My Resume.” This feature scores a resume based on key criteria used by recruiters and hiring managers. Within just 30 seconds, users receive actionable steps to improve their resume, enhancing their chances of securing more interviews​​.

Resume Targeting: The platform analyzes job descriptions and identifies critical keywords and skills missing from a user’s resume. This helps in tailoring the resume to a specific job, significantly increasing the chances of getting interviews​​.

Optimization for LinkedIn: In addition to resume reviews, Resume Worded provides feedback on optimizing LinkedIn profiles. By enhancing a LinkedIn profile, users can generate more job leads and opportunities​​.

AI-Powered Technology: The AI technology behind Resume Worded has been crafted by hiring managers, ensuring the feedback is practical and actionable. It has been effective in helping hundreds of people land jobs at top companies like PwC, Google, Amazon, and Credit Suisse​​.

Career Platform for Students: Resume Worded is also beneficial for students, offering AI-powered career services that include resume reviews, targeting, and LinkedIn reviews. This aids in improving student outcomes and increasing efficiency in the job search process​​.

User Experiences

The impact of Resume Worded on users’ job searches has been significant. Many users have reported a complete transformation in their job search experience after using Resume Worded. It has helped them recognize and rectify critical mistakes in their resumes, leading to more callbacks and positive responses from companies. The platform’s newsletter and other tools, such as networking templates, have also been praised for their usefulness​​​​​​​​.

However, some users have noted that the platform may not be suitable for everyone. There have been concerns about its effectiveness for people in non-tech or non-executive roles, and some users have experienced less than satisfactory customer support​​. Additionally, there is room for improvement in the platform’s ability to scan documents accurately​​.

Pricing Plans for Resume Worded Pro

Monthly Plan: Priced at $49 per month, this plan can be canceled at any time. It’s suitable for those who prefer a short-term commitment or are in the midst of an active job search.

Quarterly Plan: This is the most popular option, offering a 30% discount at $33 per month, billed as $99 every three months. The plan is ideal for job searches that may last 3-6 months, allowing users to tailor their resumes to different jobs and industries.

Annual Plan: Offering the best value with a 60% discount, this plan costs $19 per month, billed as a one-time payment of $229. It’s the most flexible plan, catering to all types of job seekers, whether they are actively applying for jobs, changing careers, or passively job searching​​.


For those seeking alternatives to Resume Worded, several options are available:

Standard Resume: Offers a system that starts with LinkedIn profile data import and provides a grading system for resumes.

Teal: A comprehensive platform for building and managing resumes throughout the job search process.

Jobscan: A tool for evaluating how well a resume matches a specific job description and providing recommendations for improvement​​.

ineedaresu.me: A completely free and basic resume builder, ideal for those seeking a straightforward tool without additional features.

VisualCV: Supports creating both CVs and resumes with over 30 customizable templates.


Resume Worded stands out as a valuable tool for job seekers aiming to enhance their chances of securing interviews and opportunities. Its AI-driven approach to resume and LinkedIn profile optimization, combined with its user-friendly interface and actionable feedback, makes it a powerful ally in the job search process. While it has proven effective for many users, it’s essential to consider individual career needs and preferences when choosing a resume optimization tool. For those seeking different features or focus areas, the alternatives mentioned offer a range of functionalities to suit various job application needs.

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