Crypto Analyst Calls For Record-Shattering Price

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The cryptocurrency market might be feeling the chills of a recent downturn, but one meme coin is defying the freeze – Pepe Coin.

While altcoins shiver in the shadows of Bitcoin’s (BTC) recent 5% dip, PEPE is strutting its stuff with a sizable surge in the past month and a near 6% daily climb.

This bullish behavior has analysts like Crypto Tony croaking enthusiastically about a potential all-time high (ATH) for the meme coin.

A Beacon In The Bear Market

Unlike its altcoin brethren who crumbled during the recent market slump, the meme coin stood firm. This resilience suggests an underlying strength that could be attracting new investors and boosting investor confidence.

A Productive Month

The past month has been a good time to be a PEPE holder. The price has jumped a cool 20%, currently sitting at $0.058. Daily trading volume also paints a promising picture, clocking in at a noteworthy $755 million. This indicates healthy market activity and adds fuel to the bullish fire.

Whales Diving In: A Sign Of Things To Come?

An example of this would be the large withdrawal from Binance by address 0xa145, which totaled 350 billion tokens, or a little over $3 million. This action reinforces the positive feeling by signaling at the possibility of profitable swing trading opportunities.

PEPE is currently trading at $0.000008. Chart: TradingView

Analyst Chimes In

Adding to the bullish chorus is prominent crypto analyst Crypto Tony. He predicts a new high for the meme coin, citing the meme coin’s recent price action and inherent strength.

This optimistic outlook from a respected voice in the crypto world is sure to catch the attention of investors seeking the next big gainer.

Featured image from Reddit, chart from TradingView

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