Magic Square unleashes $750K prize pool in Engage-To-Earn campaign

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  • Magic Square launches $750K Engage-To-Earn campaign: 1.5M $SQR tokens up for grabs.
  • Participants engage with the Magic Square platform to earn rewards based on involvement.
  • The initiative underscores Magic Square’s commitment to web3 innovation and community growth.

In a bold move to redefine community engagement and investment in the web3 realm, Magic Square, the web3 app store backed by Binance Labs, has introduced an Engage-To-Earn campaign featuring a substantial $750,000 prize pool in $SQR tokens. The campaign, set to commence on February 12, aims to reward active members and enhance the value proposition for $SQR token investors.

Magic Square’s Co-Founder and CEO, Andrey Nayman, emphasized the strategic impact of the campaign on supply-demand dynamics by increasing membership and temporarily locking tokens out of circulation.

The campaign adopts a points-based system, directly tied to participant involvement, ensuring transparency and fairness. An advanced anti-bot solution is implemented to guarantee genuine user rewards.

Incentivizing active participation

To participate in the Engage-To-Earn campaign, users are required to become Magic Store Members and actively engage within the platform. Premium and Premium Plus Memberships, involving the locking of 200 and 500 $SQR tokens, respectively, grant additional benefits and eligibility for daily campaign points.

The $SQR token plays a pivotal role in rewarding user behaviour, contributing to the growth and sustainability of the Magic Square ecosystem.

Designed to make web3 accessible to mainstream audiences, Magic Square serves as a universal platform for engaging with decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), GameFi, and more.

The Engage-To-Earn campaign aims to create highly motivated communities that actively collaborate, fostering a shared goal of exploring and contributing to the diverse world of web3 applications. It demonstrates Magic Square’s commitment to innovation and community growth.

As a Binance Labs-backed platform, Magic Square continues to shape the future of web3 interactions, providing users with an immersive experience while highlighting the potential of decentralized applications.

More announcements are expected from Magic Square in the coming week, signalling ongoing developments in the platform’s quest to transform the web3 landscape. Stay tuned for further updates on this dynamic initiative.

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