STEPN Integrates Apple Music into Web3 App

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Apple and STEPN (with a utility token called GST and a governance token called GMT)  have announced the integration of Apple Music into the STEPN application, marking yet another milestone in the ongoing partnership between traditional tech juggernauts and emerging Web3 platforms. This new feature is the second endeavor following the integration of Apple Pay, which pioneered new standards for Web3 gaming applications.

The integration is more than just an enhanced feature; it underscores the trajectory tech circles are embracing. This alliance between a conventional tech behemoth like Apple and a Web3 application like STEPN, signifies the growing acknowledgment and assimilation of decentralized technologies in daily life. It’s a step towards bridging the gap between the Web2 and Web3 realms, thereby facilitating a seamless transition and bolstering user trust in the decentralized sphere.

Yawn Rong, Co-Founder of Find Satoshi Lab (FSL), emphasized the core objective of STEPN to augment user interaction, making it as engaging and user-centric as possible. According to Rong, music is a vital aspect of daily routines and by incorporating Apple Music, users can now enrich their STEPN experience with their preferred music, indicating a deeper integration between daily life and the STEPN ecosystem. This move is aimed at providing a more immersive user experience, thus tightening the nexus between everyday activities and the STEPN platform.

Jerry Huang, another Co-Founder of Find Satoshi Lab (FSL), expressed enthusiasm about the integration, viewing it as a precursor to a future where Web2 and Web3 not only coexist but flourish together. This joint initiative, as per Huang, acts as a beacon hinting at an impending era of proliferating collaborations between traditional and decentralized tech platforms. The sentiment is echoed by the STEPN team who are continually striving to roll out new features and forge partnerships to further enrich the app’s offerings.

As STEPN celebrates this significant integration, the journey doesn’t halt here. The team is in relentless pursuit of new features and alliances to further enhance the application. While this update allows for an enriched musical experience within the app, it’s only a glimpse of what’s on the horizon for STEPN and its community. Moreover, with products like MOOAR (NFT launchpad and marketplace) and DOOAR (DEX) under Find Satoshi Lab’s belt, along with the upcoming web3 social game, Gas Hero, the future appears promising for more integrative and user-centric offerings.

Image source: Shutterstock

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