Spain to implement MiCA six months ahead of EU deadline

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  • Spain fast-tracks MiCA Act to December 2025, ahead of EU deadline.
  • Spain aims to boost legal security and protection for Spanish crypto investors.
  • Leading global exchanges have secured regulatory green light in Spain.

Spain is set to take the lead in implementing the European Union’s comprehensive cryptocurrency regulatory framework, the Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) Act, ahead of the general deadline for all 27 EU member states.

This bold move aims to provide legal certainty and enhanced protection for Spanish investors involved in cryptocurrencies.

Spain to implement MiCA by December 2025

The Spanish Ministry of Economy and Digital Transformation announced that the MiCA Act will come into force at a national level in December 2025. This is six months earlier than the EU’s general deadline of July 2026.

The accelerated timeline will reduce the transitional period from 36 months to just 18 months for Spain.

The decision was made following a meeting between Spain’s first vice president, Nadia Calviño, and the president of the European Securities and Market Authority, Verena Ross. Spain’s goal is to expedite the implementation of MiCA, ensuring Spanish investors enjoy increased security and regulatory oversight in the crypto sector.

Crypto exchange developments in Spain

In parallel to this regulatory move, several international cryptocurrency exchanges have made significant strides in Spain.

Coinbase secured an Anti-Money Laundering compliance registration from Spain’s central bank, adding an extra layer of scrutiny and security for its operations.

Kraken also obtained a virtual asset service provider registration, reinforcing the exchange’s commitment to regulatory compliance. These actions demonstrate Spain’s dedication to ensuring robust AML and investor protection measures in the cryptocurrency space.

Moreover, Spain’s central bank, Banco de España, has joined other European financial institutions in exploring the advantages of a digital euro.

The central bank has expressed its belief that the digitalization of the economy and society requires a digital currency to fully exploit its benefits. This aligns with the broader trend of central banks worldwide exploring digital currencies as a means to stay relevant and efficient in an increasingly digital financial landscape.

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