Shiba Memu sets a new presale milestone

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  • Shiba Memu has raised over $3 million as presale underlines investor interest.

  • Shiba Memu is unique in its AI marketing, focusing on making it sustainable.

  • A potential 50x gain could be realised based on margins recorded by meme cryptocurrencies. 

Investor interest in new meme cryptocurrencies is undeniably high. Small projects that started as a joke, like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, have become big names. When PEPE launched earlier this year, investor interest pushed the token to thousands of percentage-digit gains. It is no coincidence that Shiba Memu, a new AI-led meme cryptocurrency, is attracting a huge demand. Still on presale, the token has crossed the $3 million mark on amounts raised. With this unstoppable demand, you can learn more about this token and whether you should invest.

What is Shiba Memu, and how is it unique?

Shiba Memu is a sensational meme crypto project that aims for high ROI by tapping into the power of AI. The project uses AI to optimise its marketing interventions and track branding initiatives. Shiba Memu can also identify positive and negative sentiments on online forums and social media. It then uses the information to inform its marketing campaigns.

The self-marketing concept effortlessly creates hype and popularity for Shiba Memu. For a sector driven by speculations and online chatter, the capabilities enable Shiba Memu to grow powerful. 

Shiba Memu also taps into the power of predictive analytics to stay ahead of rivals. The project can forecast future marketing trends and adjust its branding techniques. An AI personalisation feature also lets Shiba Memu customise its PR strategies. The feature underscores Shiba Memu’s commitment to generating sustainable income for its investors.

Shiba Memu also stands out as a powerful AI project for social engagement. Users can directly engage with the AI through a dashboard and learn from it. From hot topics in creative advertising to captivating crypto conversations, Shiba Memu can do it all. Users can also ask questions and get feedback from the AI. The capability lets Shiba Memu tap into the power of social connections to grow and become more intelligent.

Is Shiba Memu the best meme crypto of 2023?

A few established names may pop up when considering the best meme cryptocurrencies for 2023. However, these tokens, most listed on exchanges, are enduring a prolonged crypto winter. That leaves investors with limited options for meme investment. Shiba Memu is yet to debut on exchanges, meaning its value is still locked. 

As we saw with PEPE earlier this year, meme cryptocurrencies are best when they are starting. Gains can be as high as 50x as speculations are high and investor interest solid. Given this historical trend and market situation, Shiba Memu could be the ideal investment. 

Another investment thesis for Shiba Memu is its utility beyond speculation. Once you have bought the tokens, you can stake them in a smart contract platform or staking pool. Investors earn yields for their staked tokens. Other investors will earn transaction fees by offering liquidity through a decentralised exchange. The use cases could drive investment and demand for the project and generate long-term returns.

Shiba Memu tokenomics and unique presale

From the project’s roadmap, 85% of SHMU tokens will be offered at a discount before the token is listed. The team has set the total supply at 1 billion, with investors rapidly taking the tokens off-shelf. 

The demand can be attributed to Shiba Memu’s unique presale. Since opening the presale, the value of Shiba Memu has risen steadily. From an initial starting price of $0.011125, the token is now valued at $0.028900 and is still on the move. 

The price gains reflect the project’s tokenomics, allowing SHMU value to rise daily at 6 PM GMT. By the time the presale ends, investors will receive more valued tokens than they invested.

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