OKX and Polygon Introduce Cryptopedia’s Seventh Season

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OKX, in collaboration with Polygon, an Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development entity, unveiled the seventh iteration of Cryptopedia. Cryptopedia, OKX’s platform, is tailored to facilitate crypto-centric education with an earning component, according to press release shared with Blockchain.News by OKX.

Spanning six months, this season offers participants the opportunity to earn MATIC rewards, a gesture from Polygon. Additionally, those engaging in DApp interactive quests can avail themselves of extra rewards, presented by associated project partners. These quests aim to promote the utilization and understanding of the diverse DApps housed within the OKX Wallet.

To engage in Cryptopedia’s seventh season, users can initiate the OKX App, select the Wallet option, and either generate a new wallet or integrate a pre-existing one. Subsequently, they can tap on the Discover section and proceed to Cryptopedia: Learn to Earn. From there, they can interact with the Polygon zkEVM page and opt for their preferred DApp. After completing the quest, a verification can be done following a 10-minute interval.

Some of the quests include staking stMATIC to acquire DUSD, executing a cross-chain DUSD transfer, and offering liquidity for the DUSD/USDC pair on QuickSwap, among others. It’s worth noting that specific terms and conditions are applicable.

Simultaneously, OKX Wallet introduced the Discover Event, marking the debut of Token 2049 in Singapore. This event functions as a Web3 offline event aggregator, enabling users to explore, earmark, and register for various Web3 offline events. It also incorporates a streamlined NFT ticketing system.

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