Monero Observer – Monero Observer Artistic Saturday Top 5

Fibo Quantum

7 Oct 2023


Previous Artistic Saturday weekly reports can be found in the [art] section.

5 – ‘Down the Bitcoin rabbit hole’ illustration (by tusker)

4 – ‘No Boundaries’ art (by S1DARTA0)

'No Boundaries' art

3 – ‘Undisputed Champion’ comic (by Saki)

'Undisputed Champion' comic

2 – ‘Better The Freedom You Know’ artwork (by S1DARTA0)

'Better The Freedom You Know' artwork

1 – ‘Rioters on the storm’ illustration (by S1DARTA0)

'Rioters on the storm' illustration

Let me know if you enjoyed this edition and send me your art suggestions @/about.

Notes: some designs might be commissioned. Tip the artists to support their work.


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