MemeAlert! CorgiAI Flips Pepe, As $GFOX Closes in on $2 Million

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CorgiAI ($CORGIAI) is one of the fastest-growing meme coins in the market. Based on the Cronos blockchain, CorgiAI has been on a spectacular tear throughout the year, even surpassing well-known memecoins Floki and Pepe the Frog. But CorgiAI isn’t the only recent entry into the world of best meme coins to buy. $GFOX also burst onto the scene as of late, bringing competition to some of the biggest players.

Read on to find out about $CORGIAI’s rise and $GFOX’s skyrocketing presale.



CorgiAI is a groundbreaking cryptocurrency project that harnesses the power of AI to create and interact with the community by using a GPT-style communication system. It’s basically a meme coin with a mind of its own that takes the job of marketing and community-building into its own hands.

At the core of Corgi AI’s strategic framework lies a steadfast commitment to community development, coupled with the promotion of cutting-edge AI technologies geared towards revolutionizing the way communities are formed in the crypto sphere.

Recently, $CORGIAI has been gaining recognition as one of the best meme coins to buy. Since its launch in May 2023, $CORGIAI has been on a rally, gaining over 829% by the time of writing. On monthly charts, $CORGIAI has gained an impressive 128%, while weekly charts show a surge of 63%.

As a result of its spectacular rally, $CORGI AI has amassed a market capitalization of $778 million, surpassing $FLOKI and $PEPE to rank as the #93 crypto on CoinMarketCap. 

According to predictions made by crypto market analysts, $CORGIAI is likely to continue on its recent trend, surpassing some of the best meme coins to buy like $ PEPE which has lost over 26% of its value in the past week.

$GFOX Presale Is Almost at the $2 Million Mark

As $CORGIAI continues on its rally, another meme coin, $GFOX, has been causing waves with its fast-selling presale. $GFOX, the native coin of the Galaxy Fox ecosystem, has been making a name for itself as one of the top alt coins to watch in 2024 as investors rush to acquire the coin. 

The $GFOX presale, which is now in its 5th stage, has raised over $1.6 million and is expected to hit the $2 million mark in early 2024.

However, a fast-selling presale isn’t the only thing going for $GFOX. The coin is gaining recognition as the best cheap crypto to buy with high growth potential. From its presale to later on $GFOX is designed to give its investors the highest return on their investment. The presale is set up to ensure that the earlier an investor gets in, the higher the ROI they get by the end of the presale. This leaves stage 1 presale investors with a potential 450% return on their investment.

After the presale, the $GFOX ecosystem is set up to keep rewarding loyal investors through staking rewards. Once a $GFOX holder stakes their coins, they are automatically entitled to a proportionate reward from the $GFOX Stargate. The Stargate collects 2% of every $GFOX transaction, creating a large pool of funds that ensures loyal investors are rewarded.

Additionally, $GFOX will also reward investors who participate in its P2E game. This web 3-runner game is designed to reward the top 20% of players on the leaderboard with in-game currencies that they can exchange for $GFOX. This feature will allow investors to unwind with a fun game, while also making an extra income, hence enhancing $GFOX’s standing as one of the best meme coins to buy.

But that is not all, the $GFOX ecosystem also has a token burn mechanism that will periodically burn part of the $GFOX tokens in circulation. This mechanism is designed to ensure that the total supply of $GFOX is always lower than the demand, hence enhancing the inherent value of the token.


Final Word

Staking rewards, gaming rewards, and the token burn feature are all great features that help make $GFOX one of the best meme coins to buy. However, $GFOX has several other features that make it an appealing investment option. In addition, the price predictions show that $GFOX is likely to hit 100x in the months following its launch, surpassing coins like $PEPE and $CORGI AI in the process.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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