LTC to dip below $60; QUBE to observe a 6,000% surge

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A whirlwind of price fluctuations, breakthroughs, and transformative developments shape the crypto landscape. One such development has been the recent struggles of Litecoin (LTC) juxtaposed with the promising potential of InQubeta ($QUBE).

While the LTC charts forecast a potentially tricky path ahead, all eyes are on the new ICO, QUBE, which is gearing up for a possible 6000% surge.

InQubeta ($QUBE): the AI investment revolution

Before diving deep into the Litecoin narrative, it’s crucial to introduce one of the best ICOs in 2023: InQubeta. This crowdfunding platform is setting the stage to change how we view AI-driven investment opportunities. The ethos behind InQubeta revolves around democratizing access to AI startup investments, a field historically dominated by big players. With an intention to transform the landscape and make it accessible to everyday investors, InQubeta is gearing up to be more than just another good crypto to buy; it’s an entire movement.

QUBE, with its deflationary token model, rewards investors while simultaneously introducing token burns. But what makes it truly stand out is its vision of a restructured AI investment landscape, where opportunity isn’t limited to a privileged few. 

As it readies for a jaw-dropping 6,000% surge, there’s a palpable excitement surrounding QUBE in the investment community. Its forthcoming rally is indicative of the immense faith investors have in its future and its revolutionary approach to AI investment. The resounding success of the ongoing InQubeta presale is evidence of this fact.

Litecoin (LTC): navigating the storm

Litecoin, one of the top altcoins, is currently going through a turbulent phase. After a significant breakdown near the $80 mark, it now flirts with a crucial support level at $65. Technical analysis indicates that LTC has formed a double bottom pattern, a classic chart figure often interpreted as a sign of potential trend reversal. Currently, LTC grapples with the 20-day EMA, aiming to overcome it in its quest to reclaim the lost ground.

However, the stakes are high. Litecoin is dancing at a precarious crossroads. If it manages to hold its ground above the $60 level and witnesses subsequent buying, it could reverse its recent losses and potentially regain the swing back to $80. But, on the flip side, should it slide below $60, it could be headed for a sharper decline, targeting the $50 mark.


As Litecoin finds itself at a pivotal juncture, its future seems uncertain. On one hand, it may reclaim its previous highs, and on the other, it may undergo further dips. This unpredictability is a testament to the volatile nature of the crypto market.

Conversely, InQubeta stands tall, not just for its presale success but for its innovative approach to AI investments.

As the crypto world evolves, the juxtaposition of these two cryptos paints a vivid picture of the industry’s dynamics – from top crypto coins facing market pressures to emerging ones like QUBE promising groundbreaking transformations. Seasoned or new crypto investors can keep a keen eye on these developments, as they could shape the contours of the crypto landscape.

For more information about InQubeta and the ongoing presale, visit InQubeta Presale or join the InQubeta Communities.

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