Islamic Coin Launches Community Rewards on Haqq Network

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Islamic Coin (@Islamic_Coin), a Shariah-compliant digital asset ecosystem operating on the Haqq Network blockchain, has introduced a Community Rewards program. This initiative, announced on October 11, 2023, is designed to appreciate and engage the community which has significantly contributed to the growth and sustainability of Islamic Coin since its inception in 2022.

The Community Rewards program, termed as #ISLM Rewards, is an emblem of gratitude towards the community’s unwavering support in pursuing Islamic Coin’s mission and vision. The core objective is to create an ethical Web3 finance environment, bringing together on-chain activities and diverse rewards to further enrich the HAQQ ecosystem.

Reward Waves Explained

The rewards have been structured into waves, with each wave targeting different community segments and engagement levels.

Initial Wave Reward (October 10, 2023):

Celebrates the official token and HAQQ Network mainnet launch.

Dedicated to proactive community members, ambassadors, stakers, voters, validators, and contributors in the broader Cosmos ecosystem.

Total rewards: 20,357,500 ISLM distributed to 58,376 community members.

2nd Wave Retrodrop:

Marks the 4th Wave of #TheHaqqExpedition community program.

Rewards are based on previous interactions and contributions to the HAQQ Network.

Focuses on deepening user engagement, from token bridging to staking.

3rd Wave Retrodrop:

Incorporates key metrics of HAQQ growth, targeting the most active and engaged community members with significant rewards.

Further details to be announced

Reward Tiers:

The rewards have been categorized into different tiers to ensure a fair distribution to those genuinely committed to Islamic Coin’s mission. The first distribution commenced on October 11, 2023, with rewards ranging from 100 ISLM to 35,000 ISLM based on the category and level of engagement of community members.

Eligibility and Claim Process:

Community members can check their eligibility for the rewards by connecting their wallets on the specified platform ( Upon verification, eligible members can claim their rewards, which are distributed once every 24 hours.


Residents of Dubai are exempt from these rewards as per the disclaimer provided by Islamic Coin.

Islamic Coin Community Rewards is a substantial step towards nurturing a Shariah-compliant Web3 future. The structured reward system not only acknowledges the community’s efforts but also encourages deeper engagement and continuous support towards achieving a shared ethical financial future.

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