Coin Cloud Customer Data and Source Code Allegedly Stolen

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Coin Cloud, a participant in the cryptocurrency ATM market, has lately come under fire for a serious cybersecurity vulnerability. This episode adds to the company’s already long list of difficulties, which began with its filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in February 2023.

An extensive data breach at Coin Cloud has been attributed to an unidentified threat actor. The claims state that the hack led to the exfiltration of private client information from Coin Cloud’s ATMs. Approximately 70,000 client selfies that were taken using ATM cameras are included in this data, along with over 300,000 customers’ personally identifiable information (PII). A variety of information is included in the compromised PII, such as Social Security numbers, birth dates, complete names, email addresses, phone numbers, current jobs, physical addresses, and more. According to the threat actor, this information is relevant to people in Brazil as well as the United States.

In addition, the perpetrators of the hack claim that they have taken the source code for the whole of Coin Cloud’s backend. This is a development that may have far-reaching repercussions for the safety of the firm as well as its operational integrity.

The recent past of Coin Cloud has been marked by a series of financial challenges, which culminated in the company’s filing for bankruptcy earlier this year. It was a huge event when the corporation decided to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in February of 2023. This indicated that the company was experiencing serious financial hardship. When taken together, this bankruptcy petition and the most recent data leak portray a picture of a firm that is struggling to cope with numerous crises.

Because of the breach at Coin Cloud, major questions have been raised regarding the safety precautions taken at cryptocurrency automated teller machines (ATMs), which are a relatively new but fast increasing industry in the financial technology landscape. The loss of such a large quantity of sensitive customer data may have significant repercussions for the people who were impacted, including the possibility that their identities would be stolen and that they would become victims of financial fraud.

In addition, the allegation of stealing source code adds still another level of complication to the matter. If what you say is accurate, then the whole functioning of Coin Cloud might have its security compromised, leaving it open to more assaults and opportunities for exploitation. As Coin Cloud makes its way through these trying times, the emphasis will be on how the firm reacts to this hack and what steps it takes to strengthen its cybersecurity defenses.

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