Binance to Support REI and MobileCoin Network Upgrades

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Binance confirmed its support for the upcoming network upgrades and hard forks of both REI Network (REI) and MobileCoin (MOB). This move is in line with the platform’s continuous effort to provide timely assistance for major blockchain advancements.

Key details of the upgrades include:

REI Network: The upgrade and hard fork for REI are scheduled around the block height of 15,084,585, which is anticipated to be around September 11, 2023, at 02:00 UTC. Consequently, Binance will halt deposits and withdrawals for REI starting approximately at 01:00 UTC on the same day.

MobileCoin: MOB’s network upgrade will occur at the block height of 1,936,306, estimated for September 26, 2023, at 18:00 UTC. As a precaution, the platform will suspend deposits and withdrawals of MOB from 17:00 UTC that day.

Notably, during these network shifts, there will be no interruption in the trading activities of REI and MOB on the Binance platform. Furthermore, these network changes will not lead to the generation of new tokens.

Binance has also clarified that the exchange will be responsible for all technical requirements for users holding REI and MOB in their Binance accounts. The firm has decided against further public announcements regarding the reopening of deposits and withdrawals post the upgrades, opting to resume once the stability of the updated networks is ascertained.

For comprehensive insights into these upgrades, users can refer to the REI Network Proposal, REI Network Release v3.0.1, and MobileCoin Release v5.0.7.

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