Polygon Launches Web3 .polygon Domains with Unstoppable Domains

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Polygon, a popular Ethereum scaling solution, has announced a partnership with Unstoppable Domains to enable users to create Web3 .polygon domain names. With this new offering, users will be able to log into Web3 applications, make use of human-readable wallet addresses, and create decentralized websites. The service will be available to an estimated 180 million users and 40,000 services across the Polygon blockchain ecosystem.

Unstoppable Domains, a blockchain domain provider, leverages Polygon to mint decentralized domains with zero gas fees. To date, over 2.7 million domains have been registered on the Polygon blockchain. Users will be able to use .polygon domains to create digital identities that are compatible across 750 applications, games and metaverse platforms. These can be used to login to web apps, as cryptocurrency wallet addresses and decentralized websites.

In addition to providing decentralized domain names, Unstoppable Domains also allows users to create profiles that can be connected to social media channels, acting as a digital identity across Web3 platforms and networks. A statement from Polygon Labs’ Vice President of Business Development, Sanket Shah, highlighted the importance of unlocking user-owned digital identity for Polygon users. He said, “Web3 domains will give our community a digital identity that they fully own, so they can log into dapps without giving away their personal information and transact crypto without lengthy wallet addresses.”

Unstoppable Domains will also offer access to premium .polygon gaming and digit domains from March 16. Decentralized domain services like Unstoppable Domains and Ethereum Name Service (ENS) have become increasingly popular over the past year, seeing considerable growth in domains registered.

In August 2020, American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase partnered with Unstoppable Domains to offer payments through domain handles instead of cryptographic addresses. Coinbase then partnered with ENS in September 2022 to provide users with free “name.cb.id” usernames in an effort to replace alpha-numeric wallet addresses with human-readable alternatives.

Overall, the partnership between Polygon and Unstoppable Domains will provide a more user-friendly experience for interacting with Web3 applications, as users will no longer need to rely on lengthy wallet addresses or give away personal information. With digital identity becoming increasingly important in the blockchain space, this offering could be a significant step forward in creating a more accessible and user-owned Web3 ecosystem.

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