JPMorgan named AP in final Bitcoin ETF filings; Pullix hits $2M milestone

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  • Bitcoin ETF applicants submit S-1 filings as euphoric market pours into Pullix presale
  • JPMorgan, Jane Street named brokers in Bitcoin ETF S-1 filings.
  • Pullix presale has attracted more than $2 million just weeks after its launch.

The countdown to the first spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) approved for the US market is now down to just days. This is after BlackRock, Valkyrie, Fidelity and several other applicants submitted their final S-1 amendments on deadline day Friday, December 29.

Elsewhere in the market, a market bullish on crypto going into 2024 has poured into the presale of new hybrid exchange Pullix.

JPMorgan, Jane Street named APs in final Bitcoin ETF filings

A proper countdown for a spot Bitcoin ETF approval by the SEC has been on for months. For most analysts, Grayscale’s legal victory against the regulator marked the turning point. Now consensus is the SEC will approve the first batch of spot Bitcoin ETFs early January – probably before or around January 10.

Yesterday, that countdown appeared to accelerate as most of the firms looking to offer spot Bitcoin ETFs filed their final amendments.

BlackRock, Van Eck, ARK 21 Shares, Invesco Galaxy, Valkyrie, Fidelity, Bitwise, and WisdomTree all trooped in on Friday. Among noticeable details in the filings was the naming of authorised participants (APs) and fees.

For instance, BlackRock and Valkyrie filed updated S-1 filings that named JPMorgan and Jane Street as its authorised participants. Valkyrie disclosed it would work with Jane Street and Cantor, while Invesco Galaxy named Virtu and JPMorgan. 

While JPMorgan’s selection as AP draws attention for the public remarks of its CEO Jamie Dimon, its role as will be that of Jane Street, adds to overall institutional appeal.

In terms of fees, Invesco’s filing shows a six-month fee waiver with up to $5 billion in assets for its ETF. 

Meanwhile, Fidelity has outlined a 0.39% fee. According to senior ETF analyst Eric Balchunas, there’s likely to be tough competition among the issuers, leading to some kind of “price war”.

Pullix eyes leading role in DeFi with hybrid exchange

Pullix, which seeks to bring the best of centralised and decentralised exchanges to the crypto market, is a hybrid exchange built on the Ethereum blockchain.

With community ethos and security as core pillars (the latter encompassed via self-custody for users’ digital assets), Pullix is likely to emerge as the DeFi industry’s solution to its biggest problem: liquidity.

Pullix’s unified platform will combine the allure of having both a user-friendly and secure trading environment with an innovative approach to liquidity provision. Anyone using the platform can contribute to liquidity as they trade, earning instant rewards in the native PLX token.

The community will also earn rewards in $PLX for adding to ecosystem liquidity through staking and yield farming. Other than this, a share of daily revenue, competitive prices, zero commission trades and tight spreads add up to an impressive list of benefits and incentives for $PLX holders.

Users looking for a great platform for the above, among other passive income opportunities might want to learn more about Pullix’s unique “Trade-to-Earn” feature.

PLX token sale hits $2 million milestone

Amid the excitement and positivity surrounding the SEC’s potential approval of a first spot Bitcoin ETF, Pullix’s new crypto project has been making waves of its own. A hybrid exchange model, community-driven ecosystem and robust tokenomics highlight why Pullix is likely poised redefine DeFi.

As it heads towards its launch and potential dominance in the DeFi space, its $PLX token sale has attracted over $2 million.

Currently in stage 5, $PLX has increased its value from the initial presale price of $0.04 to $0.07. If you are looking to buy it low, the presale may present the best chance for that.

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