China intensifies focus on blockchain despite cryptocurrency stance

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The draft rules that have been developed by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to strengthen the requirements for the development of blockchain technology by the year 2025 are evidence of China’s increased attention on blockchain technology. In spite of China’s negative attitude toward virtual currencies, the country’s government is actively encouraging the development of its financial technology sector, notably in digital sectors such as blockchain.

The People’s Republic of China has established the year 2025 as the target date for the completion of a number of technological advancements, including the advancement of blockchain and distributed ledger technology. This deadline was included in the “National Economic and Social Development and Vision 2035 of the People’s Republic of China.” The draft rules were made available on the ministry’s website, along with a request for feedback on the topic from “people from all areas of life.”

The purpose of these rules is to make China’s blockchain and distributed ledger technology standards system’s degree of design more transparent. The deadline for comments from the general public on the draft has been extended to April 28.

This is not the first time that China has shown interest in blockchain technology. The plans for a national blockchain research center were announced by the government in February. The center’s purpose is to bring together blockchain-related businesses, developers, and academic institutions in order to investigate fundamental blockchain technologies and grow the blockchain industry.

According to a national white paper, China’s blockchain industry is currently comprised of over 1,400 different companies. Nevertheless, despite the fact that they claim to make up 84% of all blockchain applications filed globally, only 19% of all applications that were filed were approved.

Even though it maintains a wariness toward cryptocurrencies, China is continuing to place a significant amount of emphasis on blockchain technology. This demonstrates China’s dedication to the development of its financial technology industry. Along with other digital industries, such as communications equipment, core electronic components, and key software, the country has its sights set on the blockchain as a potential growth area for the business sector. China has high hopes that it will be able to boost the overall quality and power of its blockchain industry if it follows through with its plans to clarify its blockchain technology standards system by the year 2025.

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