Bitget Launches Web3 Fund | Blockchain News

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Bitget, a cryptocurrency exchange, has established a Web3 Fund to provide financial assistance to venture capital businesses and projects all over the globe that are Web3-friendly. The exchange will give priority to Asian initiatives that are headed by competent teams and have clear roadmaps, with an emphasis on finding solutions to challenges that exist in the real world. Gracy Chen, managing director of Bitget, has underlined the exchange’s dedication to make Web3 a worldwide phenomenon, just like Web2 was. Web2 was a sensation that spanned the whole globe. The objective of the Bitget Web3 Fund is to identify those initiatives that will have the greatest possible influence on the procedure.

Foresight Ventures, ABCDE Capital, SevenX Ventures, and DAO Maker are just few of the venture capitalists that may be interested in participating in this endeavor as possible partners. Another prospective partner is Dragonfly Capital, which has just made an investment of $10 million in Bitget to assist the company’s continuous worldwide development.

Over 80,000 traders and 380,000 replica traders have joined Bitget since the platform’s inception in 2018. The exchange has ambitions to extend the goods it offers in 2023, including spot trading, launchpad, and Bitget Earn. Bitget has just just paid $30 million to purchase BitKeep, a Web3 access gateway that has more than 9.5 million customers.

Bitget established a fund with a capitalization of $200 million during the bear market that occurred in 2017 in order to protect the assets of its customers and regain the trust of investors. The value of the fund was guaranteed to be preserved by the exchange for a period of three years. Additionally, throughout the course of the previous year, Bitget instituted stringent Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures in order to prevent dishonest individuals from using its services.

The fact that Bitget has decided to establish a Web3 Fund is evidence of the company’s dedication to fostering growth within the Web3 ecosystem. The exchange intends to discover and support initiatives that have the potential to have the most significant influence on making Web3 a phenomenon on a worldwide scale, and it will do this with the assistance of its possible partners. Bitget’s goals for development through the year 2023 demonstrate the company’s commitment to satisfying the ever-evolving requirements of its client base while also preserving its position as a market leader in the cryptocurrency exchange field.

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