Zoomex World Trading Competition with a $2M prize pool enters individual competition stage

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The Zoomex World Trading Competition (ZWTC) 2023 which started on December 27, 2023 and runs through to February 23, 2024, is offering participants a chance to engage in thrilling trading challenges, competing against each other and advanced AI. Notably, the profit-sharing ratio in the prize pool of each competition depends on the final ranking of AI squads in the team competition. 

Zoomex, with an unwavering commitment to innovation, spearheads the exploration of the dynamic relationship between AI and trade. Guided by the principle of “Creation,” Zoomex consistently leads the development trend in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market. This commitment is further reflected in our dedication to preserving the spirit of anonymity through our unique no-KYC approach. 

About ZWTC – trading competition powered by AI

The ZWTC features a monumental $2 million total prize pool this time! 

With $1 million in the squad race, $0.4 million for individual contests, and the captivating copy-trading competition, ZWTC promises a straightforward yet exhilarating experience. Participants choose their calculation rule – profit amount, profit rate, or trading volume – there’s an option for everyone! So, regardless of one’s expertise, everyone has a great chance to secure a top spot and win fantastic prizes. 

There is also the Lucky Draw with a 100% winning rate, offering enticing rewards like Apple products, $10,000 in cash, bonuses, and exclusive Zoomex merchandise.

The squad competition opened on December 27 and went on up to December 29 (UTC). It will be followed by the individual competition that will run from January 10 to January 12 (UTC). Early birds secure a fantastic total bonus of 40 USDT.

Zoomex Games – elevating trading to new heights

As you embark on the thrilling journey of ZWTC 2023, Zoomex offers more than just trading. Zoomex leads the way in innovative gaming activities, carving out a unique niche in the gaming world. The diverse suite of games goes beyond trading, offering a refreshing departure from the conventional trading landscape. 

From the thrilling ‘To the Moon,’ 1 USDT Treasure Hunt, Lucky Draw, to the adrenaline-pumping Race Prediction, Zoomex redefines the trading experience. Immerse yourself in the invigorating multiplayer crash game, ‘To The Moon,’ where cryptocurrency meets unpredictable 5000x trajectories, offering the chance to win up to $25 million in a single round.

Join the adventure in 1 USDT Treasure Hunt, featuring three treasure zones with enticing prize pools. With prizes ranging from 10 Tether (USDT) within 3 hours, 0.1 Ethereum (ETH) over four days, to the grand 0.1 Bitcoin (BTC) prize awarded every eight days. For more details, feel free to explore Zoomex’s website.

Explore Zoomex: a destination for cutting-edge trading

Zoomex, established in 2021 in Singapore, has swiftly become a dynamic force in cryptocurrency trading. Holding both the US MSB License and Canada MSB License, it stands as a symbol of regulatory compliance and industry recognition.

In collaboration with Oliver Bearman, a distinguished driver with multiple titles, including the 2021 German and Italian FIA Formula 4 Championships, aligning with a commitment to success and precision, Zoomex continues to make strides in the industry. Moreover, its strategic partnership with Villarreal FC, a La Liga football club based in Castellón, Spain, as the Season Official Crypto Currency Exchange Partner for 2022/2023, reflects a dedication to innovation and strategic collaborations.

Zoomex’s mission is to create an outstanding online crypto trading environment, dedicated to serving a growing clientele and fostering intelligent investment practices. It is committed to being a leading name in crypto, synonymous with security, trust, and innovative solutions. Ranked 34th on CoinMarketCap and boasting a 24-hour trading volume of $4,503,389,532, Zoomex is equipped to manage significant transactional demands.

Connect with the Zoomex community on the official Telegram and Discord channels. Explore the website and register to discover the $30 bonus offer and various coupon rewards in the Task Center.

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