XAI price prediction following the post-airdrop surge; Pullix gears up for launch

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  • XAI price surges driven by an airdrop, major exchange listings, and a positive outlook.
  • Pullix, a hybrid exchange, tackles DeFi liquidity issues with a unique non-custodial approach.
  • PLX token introduces “Trade-to-Earn,” offering revenue sharing and staking rewards.

In the dynamic landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain-based assets, two entities are making waves: Pullix, a hybrid trading exchange, and XAI, a gaming-focused “layer-3” network operating on Arbitrum.

This article delves into the recent XAI price movements, the anticipated XAI price prediction, Pullix’s unique features and the ongoing PLX token presale.

XAI’s price surge post-airdrop

XAI, the gaming-focused token operating on Arbitrum, has experienced a remarkable surge. On January 16, within 24 hours, the token soared by over 24%, reaching a record price of $1.26. This surge follows its initial debut at $0.77, a brief dip to $0.45, and a subsequent ascent to its current value.

The price hike followed a recent airdrop that played a pivotal role in boosting XAI’s value. Distributed to holders of early Xai NFT collectibles and users with Sentry Keys for validator nodes, the airdrop enhanced community engagement.

Notably, major exchange listings, including Binance, KuCoin, CoinEx, and Crypto.com, contributed to the price rally.

XAI price prediction: anticipated fluctuations

As XAI gains momentum, projections indicate potential fluctuations. The post-airdrop surge and increasing exchange listings suggest a positive trajectory.

The anticipated price range for XAI is between $1.070 and $1.466. Achieving the upper limit could lead to a significant increase of nearly 35%, bringing XAI to $1.466.

XAI’s layer-3 architecture, emphasizing scalability and user-friendliness, positions it strategically for the expanding gaming sector. The recent surge and exchange listings indicate growing anticipation for XAI, with expectations of heightened liquidity and increased trading volumes.

Pullix: bridging the gap in hybrid trading

As XAI token makes waves within the crypto space with its tremendous price movement, a novel hybrid trading exchange called Pullix poised to bridge the gap between decentralized and centralized exchanges has emerged. The exchange is expected to officially launch before the end of January.

Addressing the liquidity problem in DeFi, Pullix offers a unique hybrid model, combining the strengths of both worlds. Notably, it ensures user security with a non-custodial approach, allowing users to retain control of their assets while benefiting from the security features of a centralized exchange.

Pullix’s approach to liquidity provision is groundbreaking. By incentivizing users to provide liquidity, the platform aims to offer better liquidity and more competitive prices. This innovative strategy may attract a wider user base and drive demand for its native PLX, currently in the presale stage.

The platform provides institutional, liquid, and slippage-free trading through an off-chain order book. Users can trade a variety of assets using margin, and advanced institutional trading tools powered by OpenAI enhance their trading potential. Pullix is set to become a one-stop solution, integrating features such as perpetual futures, CFDs, a secure vault, a lending protocol, and a DeFi and NFT Launchpad.

The PLX token presale

The PLX token stands out as the first “Trade-to-Earn” cryptocurrency in the crypto market. Token holders enjoy instant rewards for trading on the platform and participating in trading challenges. What sets PLX apart is its revenue-sharing mechanism, allowing holders to profit from the daily revenue of the exchange and earn a fixed passive income by providing liquidity to automated market makers.

With a fixed supply of 200 million, PLX has a utility-driven design. Holders can use PLX for trading credits, exclusive access, staking, and receiving rewards. The tokenomics include allocations for presale, rewards, team, exchange listings, and marketing, ensuring a balanced ecosystem.

Pullix implements a generous staking reward system for PLX holders, with a portion of daily profits allocated for token acquisition. This acquired PLX undergoes a dual allocation: 50% is burned, introducing a deflationary mechanism, while the remaining 50% contributes to rewards distribution for staked PLX holders.

To participate in the PLX token presale, you can visit the official Pullix website


As Pullix prepares for its launch and XAI continues its upward trajectory, the synergy between these platforms holds promise for the broader blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

With innovative features, strategic partnerships, and community-driven initiatives, Pullix and XAI represent the evolving landscape of decentralized finance and blockchain-based gaming.

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