Why Is Ripple’s XRP Cryptocurrency Coin Different Than All Other Altcoins

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With the new recent announcement by Ripple on their partnerships with Coins.ph, Bitso, and Bittrex – the company is now in recovery mode from one of their low points earlier this year. It was expected the company would go belly up, with investors selling off at a rapid rate. But, due to some ingenuity and high-quality partnerships, XRP has managed to turn things around, still recognized as one of the best altcoins to invest in.

The company refuses to go down without fighting, and they are up an astonishing 42% since their low of August 14th. The first reason for the sudden climb is in relation to the sudden jump of Bitcoin. Ripples XRP essentially piggybacks off the success of Bitcoin – so that when BTC climbs, so does Ripple.

Another reason the XRP s jumping in value is because the speed at which it operates. With the xRapid software among others, XRP can be transferred faster than regular SWIFT transactions. That means it is valuable to banks and will likely be adopted by them sometime in 2019. With the demand for xRapid comes the need for more XRP, which ultimately jumps the price of Ripple.

XRP’s community is yet one more reason the company sticks around. They are more supportive than any other, refusing to walk away from the company regardless of how tough things get. They have even gone so far as to petition exchanges to list XRP. Ripple’s community tends to be very proactive when buying and staking tokens. There is no way the token can’t increase in value with the support of the community.

Ripple also is in the process of potentially merging their three baseline products, the xRapid software, via and xCurrent – into one solution to be used by banks, which will in turn spike the price of XRP.

Cryptocurrency specialist also has the sneaky suspicion that Satoshi Nakamoto may be none other than David Schwartz – the CTO of Ripple. And with claims like that, it’s hard not to believe Ripple will make it through the hardest times. The community supporting Ripple will not give up, and with their enthusiasm comes more success for the token.

The XRP has a lot going for it, it may be sometime before it hits its highest level of value – but it is for sure that it has hit bottom and is on its way back up – and can still hit record highs for the remainder of 2018. Cryptocurrency has had some setbacks this year, but as for the XRP, the delays where only temporary and it is still one of the most sought-after tokens in the cryptocurrency sphere. As for its owner Ripple, it doesn’t look like the company will be going anywhere but up from here on out.

What do you think? Is Ripple on the rise for good? Leave your answers and opinions in the comment section below.

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