Why investing in Dash {DASH} is a great choice in comparison to other altcoins

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The price of DASH a day ago was recorded to be at $138.53 for a while. For now, the price has sunk to $121.41, after a drop rate of 11.73% was observed. The trading volume is $284.415 million. The total market cap of Dash is $1.083 billion.

The supply has 8,922,772 DASH tokens present. In this video, you can see Isabel from Dash News make a payment at Caracas in Venezuela. The transaction at a restaurant gets completed within a second.

Dash has a big presence in Africa as well. The ease of transfers and the feature of earning funds with the help of a Masternode has managed to draw in many across the globe.

The extremely low fee and the focus on security have helped DASH become a digital currency that has seen an incredible amount of adoption in 2019. The Masternode upgrade and growing reliance will help the network be practically impenetrable when it comes to “51% security attacks”.

In the last few months, some exchanges had lost millions due to such threats. MyDashWallet had encountered a major problem, due to which a black hat came across many private keys during a period of 2 months.

Ernesto Contreras had a recent interview with Bloxlive.TV. He referred to businesses such as the Cannabis dispensaries, who deal with cash almost always, and are hence subjected to raids from the D.E.A. Poloniex and Lex had begun DASH trading on their platforms, which had helped the price surge during the previous week.

CrowdNode is a new element, that will let users who have ownership over a section of Masternodes to be involved in debates on the network. The Dash Investment Foundation Supervisors election was carried out, and the top names were unveiled.

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