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In early July, Newegg stock jumped sharply by 67.46 USD. Further, the stock’s indicators began to fall. On July 8, the stock price fell by 47.22 USD. Two weeks later, the stock price was equal to 26.32 USD. At the end of the month, the stock fell by 16.80. During the last trading session, Newegg’s stock rose by 22.44%, finally closing the market at 20.33 USD. Newegg Commerce is engaged in an online platform for the retail sale of electronic goods. Starting this month, the company intends to become the first seller to accept Litecoin (LTC) cryptocurrency as a payment method on the BitPay platform. Customers making purchases on Newegg will be able to pay with bitcoins using the BitPay Wallet application.

Litecoin was launched by Charlie Lee, a former Google engineer who created the cryptocurrency as a “lightweight” version of Bitcoin. In terms of technical features, Litecoin is similar to bitcoin. The main advantage of Litecoin is that it provides a faster transaction confirmation time – an average of 2.5 minutes compared to 10 minutes of Bitcoin.

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