UPenn’s Wharton Partners With Coinbase To Adopt Cryptocurrency Payments

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Earlier today, UPenn’s Wharton School of Business announced it is now open to accepting fees payment in cryptocurrencies. According to the school’s statement, Wharton is particularly ready to accept crypto payments for its online blockchain class.

Wharton School of Business Allows Fees Payment in Crypto

The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of business is now open for fees payment in crypto. The information explained that Wharton would accept crypto payments for its online class of blockchain technology. This institution will now accept BTC, ETH, and USDC via Coinbase for this class.

This report on accepting crypto payment will make Upenn the first Ivy League institution to welcome crypto adoption openly.

According to Anne Trumbore, Senior Director of Wharton online, the institution has seen a growing demand for information regarding cryptos. She also added that a good number of their MBA students count in the increasing demand for crypto knowledge. Trumbore also said that they are glad that their students will work in the fintech industry properly.  

Launching a Fintech Project

In mid-2019, Wharton School of Business announced the launch of an online class for blockchain, crowdfunding, and insurance technology. The institution added that this course would be free, but $79 would be required to get a certificate of completion. 

The program’s academic director, Kevin Werbach, also said that the online course is for business professionals. He also noted that it includes executives from various backgrounds, including the traditional financial systems.  The reports also said that Wharton would partner with blockchain solutions firm Prysm Group to perfect this certificate program.

This report comes on the same day when Thailand’s retail giant, Central Retail Corp., announces a new digital coin project. The retail company said that it is launching its C-coin among its employees, and once the pilot project is over, they will proceed to customers.

Institutional Crypto Adoption Picks Up Pace

Currently, the world’s organizations are racing towards crypto adoption after a decade of marvellous performance. Today, two main institutions announced their pilot projects for crypto involvement. Upenn’s school of business is leading the world in tapping into the possibilities of cryptos, as does Central Retail Corp.

As per Bloomberg report, Central Retail Corp will soon launch its C-coin publicly if its pilot project succeeds. The sales company said that this coin would facilitate payment of meals, items, and other items in their malls. They also added that they are planning to push towards cashless societies with their e-commerce business.

Elsewhere, other Big companies like MicroStrategy, PayPal, Square are investing or accepting payments in cryptos. Recently, the electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla, said they were investing $ 1.5 B in BTC. By now, their investment has grown by over $1B. This trend shows that cryptos and blockchain technology may be here to stay.

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