Unreleased Version of David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” Surfaces as NFT

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A previously unreleased version of David Bowie’s 1983 hit song “Let’s Dance” has surfaced as part of a limited edition collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Gala Music, a subsidiary of Web3 startup Gala Games, has partnered with music producer Larry Dvoskin and publisher Warner Chappell Music to launch a collection of NFTs featuring Bowie-inspired artwork, which will also grant exclusive access to the unreleased version of “Let’s Dance.”

David Bowie, a legendary singer-songwriter, created an impressive discography that included 27 studio albums, 11 live albums, four soundtracks, and 128 singles during his lifetime. Despite his passing in 2016, Bowie still has at least one unheard track, and Gala Music plans to release it to the world through NFTs.

The NFTs, which will be available for purchase on a “pay-what-you-wish” basis, will grant their owners exclusive access to the unreleased version of “Let’s Dance,” which Dvoskin co-produced with Bowie in 2002. Gala Music plans to launch 3,003 NFTs on April 14, four decades after the original release of the song.

The initial profits from the sales of the NFTs will go towards supporting MusiCares, a charity that offers health and human services to individuals in the music industry. This charitable component adds a meaningful dimension to the release of the NFTs, as Bowie was known for his philanthropy and dedication to social causes.

This is not the first time that the Bowie estate has ventured into blockchain technology. In September 2022, the estate collaborated with OpenSea NFT marketplace to introduce a collection of NFTs called “Bowie on the Blockchain,” which aimed to raise funds for charity. However, the collection faced significant criticism from Bowie’s supporters, who viewed the foray into blockchain as contradictory to the artist’s principles and beliefs.

Gala Games, primarily known for its Web3 gaming initiatives that allow developers to create play-to-earn crypto and NFT games, has expanded its interests to include music and film. The company’s partnership with Dvoskin and Warner Chappell Music represents its latest foray into the music industry, and the exclusive release of an unreleased Bowie track as part of the NFT collection is sure to generate significant interest among Bowie fans and NFT collectors alike.

Overall, the release of an unreleased David Bowie track through NFTs is a fascinating development that highlights the evolving relationship between music and blockchain technology. The charitable component of the release adds a meaningful dimension, reflecting Bowie’s legacy as an artist and humanitarian. As the popularity of NFTs continues to grow, it will be interesting to see how other musicians and artists explore the potential of blockchain technology to release and monetize their work.

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