Tsaishen Crypto House Offers Blockchain Technology for Faster, Safer, and More Affordable Real Estate Transactions

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Peer-to-Peer Real Estate Marketplace uses Blockchain to Lower Transaction Costs, Speed Up Transactions, and Offer Automatic Escrow services

PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, August 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tsaishen Crypto House, a new peer-to-peer real estate marketplace, is being launched at https://tsaishencrypto.house/ to offer the benefits of the Blockchain to optimize the process of listing and selling a property.

Usable by property owners and real estate agents, the proptech platform offers an optimized user experience by allowing sellers to easily and quickly list properties enjoying significantly lower listing and selling-related costs. “While brokers and agents can use it, Tsaishen Crypto House is specially designed to offer a simplified and more efficient selling and buying process directly between buyers and sellers,” Nev Kraguljevic, the platform’s founder, said.

Tsaishen Crypto House innovates by offering a built-in escrow service that protects buyers and assures sellers that funds are available, which accelerates all the paperwork by sellers, who are motivated to act swiftly to close a sale and get paid. The platform uses Blockchain technology to provide transparency to users as transactions can’t be tampered with without other parties being aware. “Our marketplace is also designed to facilitate a direct communication between sellers and potential buyers and to increase transparency between what each party has to offer,” Mr. Kraguljevic observed.

By using Blockchain technology, Tsaishen Crypto House cannot intervene in the transactions or censor actions from any user. “Essentially, the platform is the optimized yet neutral infrastructure that facilitates the process and makes it safer, cryptographically secure, and more efficient to every user, whether we’re talking about buyers or sellers. It does that while getting out of their way so that they are free to reach an agreement and complete a transaction without requiring any third party to participate in the process,” the proptech platform’s founder further stated.

The Blockchain technology side of Tsaishen Crypto House also allows for safe, immediate, and cheaper payment processing between users. Instead of waiting for weeks for a check or a bank wire to clear, this platform allows payments to take place in only a few seconds. The typical cost and time that bank wires take are no longer necessary for domestic or international users since technology secures a transaction immediately and at a very low cost.

“There is no nonsensical bureaucracy involved, and no country is off the list.” Any user from any country can buy or sell a property, having access to streamlined legal forms and remote notaries. The transaction does not require banks or bank accounts. However, land registry must be used to ensure official and legal property transfers. “While not required, users may choose to involve the services of a third party if they feel that is useful,” Kraguljevic promised.

Property sellers who realize transactions without agents often struggle with a lack of guidance. On the other hand, when using agents, sellers obtain guidance but lose significant amounts to fees. Tsaishen Crypto House solves all these inefficiencies, offering a genuinely streamlined process for property sellers and buyers.

Another Blockchain-enabled advantage offered by Tsaishen Crypto House is that owners may put their property data on the Blockchain and keep it in their digital wallets. This enables sellers to use property information on any other Blockchain-based marketplace that supports this type of listing, without having to create information again. “The owner transfers the property to the buyer and gets paid through a digital wallet and the Blockchain itself, which is unique in the real estate industry,” Mr. Kraguljevic further stated.

Tsaishen Crypto House is now running at https://tsaishencrypto.house/, working on expanding its user base and democratizing the advantages of Blockchain technology for every user in the property market.

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