Treeverse Is a Retro 2D NFT Blockchain Game, Explores Play-to-Earn

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As a browser-based massive MMO (massively multiplayer online) game, Treeverse aims to be the game that replaces social media platforms like Discord and Twitter. Launching its first NFT Genesis collection as “Founder’s Plots,” users who purchased a plot of land are equipped with digital home players and can customize with other NFTS—ones they have bought or own. By owning a plot of land, gamers can teleport to their plot and invite others to visit their plot of land.

Existing as part of a metaverse and as a blockchain game, Treeverse runs on the Ethereum network. Incentivising users to be early adopters, those who owned NFTREES were allocated and minted a plot of land to their wallet address. As a game on the blockchain that utilizes ERC-21 tokens, players are the sole owners of all their digital assets. They have digital property that can be used for promotional purposes if they want to fill their home with things they are wanting to sell. In leveraging this technology, Treeverse aims to develop its roadmap with an in-game trading marketplace, pets, guilds, seasonal events, minigames, NFT locked regions, and custom public land.

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