Top 12 Crypto Influencers, How They’re Discovered: Marketing CEO

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  • Eric Dahan built a career focused on finding the right influencers to represent big brands. 
  • Key factors for influencers in crypto are that they’re informed and share quality content. 
  • Detailed below is a list of 12 top crypto influencers highlighted by Dahan.
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Knowing who to turn to for solid, objective information about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies isn’t as easy as following the top Wall Street analysts. The world of crypto is a mixture of supposed influencers, evangelists, blockchain techies, meme-coin enthusiasts, and sometimes just flat-out scammers. 

Eric Dahan, the CEO and co-founder of Open Influence — an influencer marketing company that represents advertisers — knows a lot about the importance of picking the right people to represent some of the biggest companies in the world. They represent brands from the worlds of finance, entertainment, consumer packaged goods, and auto manufacturing. They work with everyone from big-name celebrities all the way down to micro-influencers.  

“We’ve built a tool around identifying the right influencer,” Dahan told Insider. “And the way we do that is we analyze every piece of content influencers create across their main platforms, and we run it through image recognition, text analysis, and part of that is keywords and freeform caption search.”  

The machine-learning models also categorize influencers based on other content creators they may be similar to. This allows Dahan and his team to conduct a search for potential people to work with using keywords.

They even have an objectionable content tool filter that looks out for things such as adult content, alcohol, illegal drugs, politics, offensive language and profanity, sensitive social issues, religion, violence, and if the creator discusses a competitor’s brand. 

Once Dahan and his team have narrowed down their potential targets, they review the influencer’s posts to see if they regularly talk about a particular subject and if they speak from a place of authority.

For crypto influencers, Dahan says a key factor is whether they are sharing real educational content or just promoting random scam coins every month without any real understanding of the topic. 

In an interview with Insider, Dahan shared 12 influencers in the crypto world that he thinks are solid sources to follow and learn about the sector. 

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