Tony Khan says Jon Moxley is doing better, recent changes on AEW TV will have storyline ripple effects

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Part 2 of Wade Keller’s interview with Tony Khan is up now at You can listen to the entire interview now if you are a subscriber. During the interview, Keller asked Khan about some of the late changes made this past week to AEW Dynamite after he learned that Jon Moxley was not able to be there because he was going to alcohol treatment rehab.

Khan on the decision to use Miro as Jon Moxley’s replacement in the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament:

“I was considering other people, but once I thought of Miro I really didn’t think much more about it.”

Khan asked if the recent changes have a storyline ripple effect on others besides just Moxley and Miro:

Yes, there was a storyline ripple effect and it definitely affected this past week show. And then that was coupled and really enhanced, and it by Eddie being out sick on Wednesday. Eddie is back tonight now (Note: this interview was taped on Friday before Rampage). But the card was definitely thinner. And it definitely hurt to show.

Khan continued and said that the recent changes will have long term ripple effects on current storylines. He said, “This is going to have a long term ripple effect. Absolutely. And we’ll see how things go at Full Gear. But Miro taking Jon’s place in the tournament, it definitely changed multiple stories and multiple plans. And you know, thankfully, we just kind of punted the can down the road, and it did affect the card, and I changed up what I was planning for the matches this past Wednesday, but the face to face confrontation, at least between Punk and Kingston, we are able to have it now. Tonight, on Rampage”

Keller asked Khan about his statement that this was his second toughest week since AEW started (Brodie Lee’s passing being the toughest).

Khan said, “Absolutely, it has been a pretty challenging week. And Jon is a really good friend of mine. So for many reasons. It’s been hard. But I’ve talked Renee pretty much every day. And it seems like Jon’s doing better, which is great news for everybody. It’s great news for the fans, and especially for Jon and Renee, and for his friends of which I am one.”

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