TOKE.N Brings Cannabis To Blockchain, Launches NFT Marketplace For Marijuana

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  • The surge of NFTs in terms of popularity was seen in 2021
  • Most NFT marketplaces center on facilitating digital art transactions
  • TOKE.N is a new NFT marketplace and online store for marijuana

Amid the widening craze for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a new NFT marketplace has emerged as the go-to space for all things marijuana. TOKE.N, an NFT marketplace and an online store, promises to let consumers know everything about marijuana, including the place it was farmed, the conditions it grew in, the process involved and the plant’s genetic history. 

The marketplace also taps on various companies, which through their integration in the NFT marketplace, will have the ability to issue NFTs included in the purchase of their product.

TOKE.N also offers businesses the ability to market their brand directly as well as add value to their products through unique token pairing that will have a value on the blockchain. As a marketplace and an online store, TOKE.N will offer a wide selection of cannabis-related paraphernalia and home-growing supplies to consumers.

TOKE.N offers multiple services and uses, but its core purpose is to offer a degree of transparency to customers that the new big-cannabis dispensaries and corporations cannot. Photo: Toke.N press release

This will be available internationally with the marketplace accepting both TOKE.N, other cryptocurrencies and standard fiats as forms of payment. The NFTs available from each purchase are tradeable, collectible and sellable, according to the company.

The first generation of NFTs will include cannabis seeds that evolve into fully-grown plants. Other collections are cannabis-related art and music. In addition to being an NFT marketplace and an online store, TOKE.N also integrates into metaverse by serving as the primary currency of the new VR game “New Block City.”

TOKE.N, collected or purchased NFTs can be used in the virtual farms in-game. Those that make it to the top 50 TOKE.N holders list will also be given free OG farms when the gaming platform debuts.

“New Block City” is a play-to-earn gaming experience set in a virtual open-world city. Players need to compete against each other for property, money, fame and power among five boroughs. Successful players will master the game economy and will earn real-world wealth.

“Created by the same team as the PICNIC Launchpad, Cheems Inu, MicroMachines / Warbots, and Metavault, TOKE.N is the next step in a broad range of projects that will be tied together in a grand plan…The primary developer, Scotian OG, has years of experience in the real world marijuana industry, and in the past year has built up experience delivering innovative contracts and projects on the blockchain,” the TOKE.N press release stated

“TOKE.N offers multiple services and uses, but its core purpose is to offer a degree of transparency to customers that the new big-cannabis dispensaries and corporations cannot. Additionally (and equally important), it adds value for the cannabis farmers, processors, and retailers,” the press release noted.

“TOKE.N seeks to return the personal nature of black-market cannabis transactions to the consumer, providing traceability, information, and a better overall experience throughout the process. Regardless of whether or not you are a casual consumer or medical patient, TOKE.N aims to restore some of the magic to the cannabis experience.” 

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