Three mind blowing facts about OneTo11 – The world’s first blockchain-based fantasy gaming app – News

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Mobile gaming has become quite the norm. From hyper-imaginative to hyper-realistic, the advent of technology has changed the face of digital gaming. This change has ticked the Indian entrepreneurial nerve and brought forth OneTo11 — the world’s first blockchain-based fantasy gaming mobile app. The company is highly confident of its success, primarily because of these three factors.

Play together, win together

This is the company’s tagline. It’s promising, hopeful, and enticing. But is it true? While time is the best judge, today’s analysis tells us a story not far from the promise. The gaming app is based on the affiliate networking concept, where the actual gamers on the app become promoters of the app and earn lifetime commissions from referring the app to their friends and family members. You simply need to refer the game to people — the more, the better — and make a commission on every dime they earn while playing.

The earning potential is multifold as gamers get rewarded for time spent on the game, contests won, and commission from their referral network. Besides fantasy sports, OneTo11 gaming ecosystem also features casual games, gamified learning apps, and a blockchain enabled role playing game which has inbuilt NFT trading mechanism.

Let what you love, love you back

The founders of OneTo11 are very clear about their turf. Tirath Sharma cofounder and CTO says, “OneTo11 is not just gaming apps, it’s a social phenomenon that connects all aspects of daily life from community, self-expression, adventure, money, and the love for sports.” The entire world is becoming a bigger market for gaming everyday due to better internet connectivity and improved mobile penetration. The growing craze of gaming combined with an ability to earn consistently has made OneTo11 a huge hit already.

The blockchain and NFT technology makes it possible for OneTo11 to change the dynamic of gaming to reward gamers more than ever before. As per their statement 95 per cent of the earnings from the apps are redistributed to the gamers so they feel valued and their time spent on the game is properly incentivised. This approach of making gamers the priority has resulted in acquisition of over 1 million users by OneTo11 in just 10 months after launch.

Transparency is key

OneTo11 saw its window of opportunity when they realised how many online gamers suffer from companies who promise withdrawals but make the process a complete nightmare. Folks at OneTo11 aim to change that by ‘implementing the networking concept, and placing the interest of gamers above profit.’

The gaming platform is already a pioneer in its field and harbors an excellent vision for the future. It’ll be an exciting inning to watch indeed. Until now, OneTo11 has achieved all of its growth organically, capitalising on product and process innovation. The reward system of providing monetary value ‘play to earn’ for the gamers generated overwhelming results, with the initial three games; Cricket, Ludo and Fruit Slice, going viral amongst the gaming community which seems quite receptive to the ‘play to earn’ business model from OneTo11. This is evident in the incremental download and transaction numbers for their apps.

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