‘There’s No Playbook’ as Public Company Launches Base Blockchain

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And I think we kind of see the progression over the last decade as working through the first three phases of what we consider our master plan, which was like, build the protocols Bitcoin Ethereum, build the exchange so people get money into those protocols, build the consumer interface, and so people can start using those protocols. But we’ve kind of gotten stuck on phase four, like we don’t have millions and billions. That’s just not where we are as an industry. And so what’s in it for Coinbase is we think we have to get there in order for Coinbase and crypto and this work that we’re doing to have the impact that we all want. We need to move from the place where this is speculation to a place where this is integrated into every part of someone’s day-to-day existence, and giving them a better platform to live their lives, across every part of the world that they interact with. And so we really see Base as the platform that’s gonna enable that next wave of innovation. You know, it’s low cost, it’s easy to use, it’s built for developers, it’s decentralized, it’s connected into Ethereum, which is obviously like the largest kind of decentralized ecosystem in the world, from a crypto perspective, and it’s Coinbase’s commitment, and it is our kind of investment in enabling that next wave of utility and innovation in crypto. And so when we think about Coinbase coming on-chain, really what we’re saying is we’re gonna see an incredible wave of blockchain innovation over the next five years, over the upcoming decade, where millions of incredibly useful products are going to be built. And some of those are going to be overlapping with existing products. Some of them are gonna be novel and new, and things that we create, and Coinbase is going to continue being the easiest, most trusted place for people to access those products.

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