The Weiss Crypto Profit Challenge Reviews – Is It Legit to Join?

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Martin D. Weiss and the Weiss Ratings team have launched a new marketing campaign for Weiss Crypto Investor featuring the Weiss Crypto Profit Challenge.

By signing up for the Weiss Crypto Profit Challenge today, investors can purportedly earn up to 20x better returns than bitcoin. The 3-part series helps beginners get started with crypto and bitcoin investing.

What is the Weiss Crypto Profit Challenge? Should you subscribe to Weiss Crypto investor today? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the Weiss Crypto Profit Challenge today.

About Weiss Crypto Investor

Weiss Crypto Investor is a financial newsletter published online by Weiss Ratings.

Each month, subscribers receive a new issue discussing blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency investments, and how blockchain and crypto could change the world.

The newsletter is led by Dr. Martin Weiss, founder of Weiss Ratings. Dr. Weiss admits that investors are making lots of money through bitcoin. However, Dr. Weiss believes some of the best investment opportunities lie in the altcoin space.

By following the investment advice provided by Weiss Crypto Investor, you can discover new and exciting cryptocurrencies to buy, including cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies that could deliver higher returns than bitcoin.

Dr. Weiss explains more details about the Weiss Crypto Profit Challenge in his new presentation and sales page. TO complete the challenge, subscribe to Weiss Crypto Investor.

How Does The Weiss Crypto Profit Challenge Work?

The Weiss Crypto Profit Challenge consists of a simple premise:

  • Part 1) Buy the right altcoins with the goal of beating bitcoin’s returns by 5 to 1.
  • Part 2) Discover how to beat the altcoins themselves by 4 to 1.
  • Part 3) Give yourself 20x better overall returns than bitcoin.

It’s no secret that the right altcoin can deliver higher returns than bitcoin. Altcoins have smaller market caps and higher volatility than bitcoin. They can swing wildly in value, going from a few pennies to a few dollars in days.

Here’s an example of how The Weiss Crypto Profit Challenge looks in action, according to Dr. Weiss:

Investor A buys bitcoin and turns $10,000 into $100,000. Investor A has never bought any other cryptocurrencies. He never tries to time his investment. He simply buys bitcoin over and over again. He turned his $10,000 bitcoin investment into a $100,000 windfall.

Investor B buys altcoins and turns a $10,000 investment into $500,000. That investor buys and holds Dr. Weiss’s “Magnificent Seven” altcoins. Weiss Crypto Investor has recommended seven specific altcoins for maximum returns. Investor B ultimately makes five times better returns than Investor A, turning a small investment into a much larger windfall. However, Investor B simply buys and holds: she does not trade her altcoins or try to time the market.

Investor C trades altcoins and turns $10,000 into $2 million. Investor C makes more money than Investors A or B by buying altcoins and trading them. He buys Dr. Weiss’s recommended Magnificent Seven altcoins, then trades those altcoins based on Weiss Ratings’ crypto trading tools. Weiss claims to have developed tools allowing investors to time the market: Weiss’s crypto timing method is a “scientific, mathematical model that helps you buy low and sell high,” according to the official website. By buying Weiss’s seven recommended altcoins and swapping those altcoins repeatedly, investors can turn $10,000 into $2 million, according to Dr. Weiss.


What Are the Magnificent Seven Altcoins?

Weiss Ratings has identified seven altcoins they have rated better than other altcoins.

These altcoins have a proven track record for good development, strong technology, and other high-quality fundamentals.

Anyone can view Weiss Ratings’ coin ratings by visiting the official website at Click on Coin Ratings to discover how Weiss Ratings has ranked some of the most popular (and least popular) altcoins available today.

Weiss Ratings has been analyzing companies since the 1980s – similar to Moody’s, S&P, and other major ratings organizations. Today, Weiss Ratings applies its own proprietary ranking system to cryptocurrencies, giving professional business analysis in an industry that sorely needs it.

Weiss Ratings ranks altcoins based on two main factors:

Tech/Adoption Grade: This part of the analysis looks at each coin’s fundamentals, including how strong the technology is and how much it’s actually being adopted or used in the world.

Market Performance Grade: This part of the analysis looks at the risk and reward of investing in the coin today. To calculate this, Weiss looks primarily at market price movements.

Based on Weiss Ratings’ proprietary system, here are the Magnificent Seven cryptocurrencies:

  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple
  • Cardano
  • Stellar
  • Monero
  • Chainlink

Why Not Just Buy Bitcoin?

Many crypto investors simply buy bitcoin and hold – and those investors have done well. So why does Weiss Ratings advocate buying high-risk, high-reward altcoins? Why does Weiss Ratings not like bitcoin?

Here’s how Dr. Weiss explains it:

“So, why not just buy Bitcoin? Well, first because Bitcoin alone does not give you diversification. All the coins on this list are different, and many were created for very different functions.”

When you buy altcoins, you’re buying coins that can be used for different purposes and different projects.

Some coins are designed as a method of transfer. They’re designed with lightning-fast currency transactions and security in mind. Others, like Monero, are designed for maximum privacy and anonymity. By investing in different altcoins, you’re taking a position in different parts of the blockchain and crypto space.

Instead of looking at each altcoin as a different investment, Weiss Ratings recommends looking at them as different technologies, including:

  • A new, more advanced, and more secure type of internet
  • A newer and more advanced type of banking system
  • A newer and more advanced type of stock exchange
  • New kinds of organizations that aren’t controlled or manipulated by a central authority

How Do the Magnificent Seven Altcoins Work?

Weiss Ratings likes different altcoins for different reasons. The company likes Ethereum, for example, because it’s the first and largest blockchain supporting a range of applications using smart contracts. While bitcoin was designed for a range of purposes (like transactions), Ethereum was designed for applications to be built overtop.

Here’s how Weiss Ratings views each of its seven recommended altcoins in the Magnificent Seven:

Ethereum: Described as the paramount world computer, Ethereum gives every access to the same open, public database. The Ethereum blockchain was the first and largest blockchain supporting applications with smart contracts, and leading applications continue to be developed on Ethereum today.

Chainlink: Chainlink helps connect real-world data from the financial markets to the blockchain, supporting the world of decentralized finance (DeFi). The new financial system has grown from $1 billion to over $60 billion in assets in just a year.

Monero: Monero is the leading privacy-focused cryptocurrency in the world, giving users and investors a whole new level of protection from snooping eyes.

XRP: XRP, also known colloquially as Ripple (because it’s mostly managed by a company named Ripple) is a transaction-focused cryptocurrency that aims to offer cheaper, faster, and more efficient bank transfers.

Stellar: Stellar is similar to XRP because it emphasizes fast and efficient transactions. However, Stellar is not managed by a company or centralized organization. It’s a genuinely decentralized digital currency that can transfer value cheaply around the world.

Litecoin: Litecoin was built as a lighter and faster version of bitcoin. According to Weiss Ratings, Litecoin “has the advantage of bigger supplies and much faster transaction speeds.” Litecoin has four times the total supply of bitcoin (84 million) one quarter of the transaction time (2.5 minutes).

According to Weiss Ratings, investing money into the Magnificent Seven cryptocurrencies could have turned a $10,000 investment into $2,580,000 or $14,464,000, among other incredible sums.

Why Buy Altcoins Today?

Altcoins are no secret. Ethereum has a market capitalization of half a trillion dollars. People have been buying altcoins for years.

So why buy altcoins today? Why does Weiss Ratings recommend buying its Magnificent Seven cryptocurrencies?

Here are some of the reasons Weiss Ratings believes there is still plenty of room for growth in the crypto space:

Reason 1) The Federal Reserve Just Printed Money: The Federal Reserve just printed $3.6 trillion in fresh money to pump into the economy, and they have vowed to print more money in the years to come. During the last crypto bull market, the Federal Reserve printed no money, according to Weiss Ratings. Between 2015 and 2017, while bitcoin was surging to its recent market highs, the Federal Reserve “did not add a dime to its balance-sheet assets,” according to Weiss Ratings. With money being more easily available, it could push cryptocurrencies to new record highs.

Reason 2) Big Institutions Are Coming On Board: Crypto fans have been looking forward to institution support for years. Today, that institutional support is finally here. Institutions have made it easier than ever to buy cryptocurrencies, and some of the world’s largest hedge funds and institutions own cryptocurrencies. According to Weiss Ratings, some of the biggest players are jumping into crypto, including Tesla, Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and others.

Reason 3) Blockchain Technology Itself: The last time crypto surged, blockchain technology was still in its infancy. Today, five years later, blockchain technology development has continued, and blockchain technology is more usable and useful today than ever. According to Weiss Ratings, “blockchain has far broader and bigger practical applications” in today’s bull market, including the entire world of DeFi.

Reason 4) Easier for Individual Investors to Get Into Crypto: Back in the 2017 bull run, it was still hard for individual investors to buy crypto. They had to sign up to unfamiliar websites, send awkward selfies of themselves holding their driver’s license, and deal with insane volatility of an unfamiliar asset. Today, it’s easier than ever for individual investors to buy bitcoin. They can buy bitcoin in their investment accounts or their brokerage accounts, for example. Eventually, we’ll get a crypto ETF, and more investment money than ever will pour into bitcoin and other altcoins.

For all of these reasons and more, Weiss Ratings believes the future is bright for bitcoin and altcoins. And that’s why they believe it’s a great time for investors to buy their Magnificent Seven list of recommended altcoins.

What Will You Learn in the Crypto Profit Challenge?

If you sign up for Weiss Crypto Investor today, you can discover full details about the Crypto Profit Challenge and how it works.


Dr. Weiss, Juan Villaverde, Bruce Ng, and the entire Weiss Crypto Investor team will explain everything you need to know about the Crypto Profit Challenge and how it works.

Some of the topics covered in the Crypto Profit Challenge include how to earn 4x better returns on altcoins and how to beat bitcoin 20 to 1 overall.

How to earn 4x better returns on altcoins:

  • The scientific method Weiss Ratings uses to identify precisely when to buy the Magnificent Seven altcoins, helping you time the market to maximize returns and minimize risk
  • Why Weiss Ratings believes the biggest price explosion is likely in the next phase of the crypto bull market, including why they believe this bull market will be bigger than the 2017 bull run that catapulted bitcoin to superstardom
  • The time-honored market cycles of the crypto world and how to use these cycles to your advantage
  • How to earn $960,000 in profits for every $100,000 in profit that others make from the same cryptocurrency, all without leveraging or using other high-risk strategies
  • How to know ahead of time when a low in the market is about to occur, giving you an opportunity to sell your crypto for big gains, then scoop up more crypto as the price drops

How to beat bitcoin 20 to 1 overall:

  • How to beat the return of bitcoin 5x by holding altcoins, and how to beat the return of altcoins 4x, allowing you to earn 20x returns overall compared to people who just hold bitcoin
  • A behind-the-scenes guide to the inner workings of the Weiss Ratings Crypto Timing Model and how it works, including why the model is so accurate for timing markets
  • The single most important cycle in crypto markets and how to use the cycle to multiply your profits by up to 9.6x
  • How to know when to expect the top of each market cycle before it happens and then confirm that top shortly after it happens, allowing you to sell your altcoins for the highest possible gains
  • How to ride the final, parabolic price surge of the crypto bull market and take your profits before the next decline

What’s Included with Weiss Crypto Investor?

As part of the Weiss Crypto Profit Challenge marketing campaign in 2021, Weiss Ratings is bundling several bonuses with each subscription to Weiss Crypto Investor.


Your subscription includes all of the following:

12 Monthly Issues of Weiss Crypto Investor: You receive one new issue of Weiss Crypto Investor every month. In each issue, you can discover which cryptocurrencies to invest in today, which cryptocurrencies to stay away from, and in-depth market analysis.

Subscription to Weiss Crypto Alert: Each weekday, you receive a new issue of Weiss Crypto Alert featuring market analysis, cryptocurrency investment recommendations, and other information to help you navigate the fast-moving crypto space.

The Weiss Sunday Special: You get weekly Zoom interviews with Weiss experts and thought leaders in the crypto world. According to Weiss Ratings, just one episode could make the difference between the risk of big losses and the opportunity for big profits.

Access to Model Crypto Portfolio: Want to make the same returns as the Weiss Ratings team? Want to see all of their recommended cryptocurrencies, investments, and entry and exit points in one place? The Weiss Ratings model portfolio gives you the information you need. This model portfolio is an up-to-date list of Weiss’s favorite cryptocurrency recommendations.

Bonus Report #1: DeFi Bluechip #1: The NYSE of DeFi: This report explains a decentralized finance blue chip asset that Weiss Ratings believes will be the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) of crypto. Buying this cryptocurrency today could deliver huge returns in the future.

Bonus Report #2: The No. 1 Layer-2 Solution: This report explains another recommended second layer blockchain solution that could transform finance, banking, and other related industries.

Bonus Report #3: The Bridge Between the DeFi World and the Real World: One blockchain company is making the bridge between the world of decentralized finance and the real world. By investing in this company today, you could make huge returns as the token’s value grows.

Advanced Crypto Profits Challenge Videos: These videos explain further details about the Crypto Profits Challenge, which can allow you to earn 20x returns of bitcoin investors by swapping altcoins repeatedly and timing markets using the Weiss Ratings crypto timing system.

Weiss Crypto Investor Pricing

Weiss Crypto Investor is priced at around $80 per year ($0.22 per day) when signing up through the Weiss Crypto Profit Challenge sales page.

Weiss Crypto Investor Refund Policy

Weiss Crypto Investor is backed by a 365-day refund policy.

If you’re unsatisfied with any of the information provided in Weiss Crypto Investor, or if you did not earn huge returns on Weiss’s altcoin recommendations, then you are entitled to a complete refund with no questions asked.

You can request a refund even if it’s the last day of your Weiss Crypto Investor subscription.

Contact the Weiss Ratings customer service team at 877-934-7778 to initiate the refund process.

About Weiss Ratings

Weiss Ratings is a financial publishing and analysis company founded in 1971. The company began by analyzing and assigning ratings to companies.

Today, Weiss Ratings continues to issue grades on 53,000 institutions and investments. They’re known for their buy-sell-hold ratings on stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs, for example. They also assign safety ratings for banks, credit unions, and insurance companies.

Weiss Ratings also offers several investment publications, including monthly newsletters like Weiss Crypto Investor.

You can contact Weiss Ratings via the following:

  • Email Form:
  • Phone: 1-877-934-7778
  • Mailing Address: 4400 Northcorp Pkwy, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410-9998

Final Word

Weiss Ratings has launched a new marketing campaign for its Weiss Crypto Investor email newsletter.

By subscribing to Weiss Crypto Investor today, you get access to a bundle of bonus reports covering decentralized finance and the Weiss Crypto Profit Challenge.

To learn more about Weiss Ratings, Weiss Crypto Investor, and the Weiss Crypto Profit Challenge, visit the official website today and subscribe to Weiss Crypto Investor.

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