The profitability of Ethereum cryptocurrency mining has halved in a week

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There’s good news and bad news for gamers this week as the price of Ethereum has plunged, sending the profitability of the cryptocurrency favoured by GPU miners sharply down. The bad news is that even with a significant reduction in value, Ethereum remains a highly profitable crypto to hold onto and continue to mine.

The value of Ether, the actual currency of the Ethereum blockchain, is creeping back up and over $1,600 USD at the time of writing, a little bounce from a plunge under $1,400, and still down on February highs of over $2,000—a recent peak in the crypto’s value. 

Ether price in USD vs. Ethereum mining profitability (Image credit: BitInfoCharts)

The value of Ether is likely to change considerably over the course of the next few hours, weeks, months, however—you really never know with most cryptocurrencies where they’re going to be in a week’s time, and they remain as volatile an investment as ever.

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