RocketX announces beta launch of its API for multichain crypto swaps

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  • RocketX is a CEX and DEX aggregator that allows for cross-chain trading of hundreds of crypto assets
  • This is enabled through the platform’s application programming interface (API), now available in beta.
  • Integration will allow users to transfer crypto tokens to any dApp, benefitting DeFi, NFT marketplaces and gaming among other ecosystems.

RocketX, a cross-chain centralised and decentralised exchange aggregator, has released the beta version of its developer application programming interface (API).

With this, the CEX and DEX aggregator is bringing multi-chain crypto swaps to any decentralised applications (dApps) via a single API. Users can tap into the API to trade multiple assets across over 100 blockchains.  

RocketX API for crypto swaps into any dApp

Using the hybrid aggregator’s API, developers can integrate crypto swaps into any dApp. It will only take a few lines of code for a developer to add multi-chain digital asset transfers to DeFi applications, NFT marketplaces and blockchain games.

RocketX API allows for both on-chain and cross-chain self-custodial asset swaps. Liquidity worth over $100 billion is sourced from 450 CEX and DEX platforms, giving dApps access to the most competitive rates across 200 DeFi ecosystems.

“Users will benefit from the lowest fees too, as the RocketX API’s algorithm also takes into account the gas fees across all supported exchanges and bridges, all with a response time of less than 1ms,” RocketX said in an announcement.

Support is across Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Cosmos and Solana among other chains. RocketX has also integrated with Hedera, Sei, XCD Network and MicroVision Chain, using the partnerships to improve scalability and interoperability.

According to RocketX, the beta launch offers more than just decentralised access and deep liquidity for users of NFT marketplaces, GameFi, GambleFi and AI applications. It also means near-instant exchange of over 20,000 tokens, with this available across major networks, wallets and asset pairs.

To incentivise adoption, RocketX is offering a share of the network transaction fees to partners who integrate with the API. dApps can therefore earn extra revenue from this, the platform noted.

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