Ripple[XRP] and Coinbase seek new employees, “Blockchain Developer” is a growing trend

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TeqAtlas researchers have published a report where they detail the demands of blockchain-related jobs. They have better pay opportunities, and interest rates are surging as well. Blockchain talent is a growing demand, the annual growth rate for the entire industry was around 139%.

IBM has more than 325 blockchain-related job openings. Oracle follows close behind with 173, and PwC comes third with.

EY has 144 openings, and Coinbase has 78 as of now. After this comes Amazon and Ripple[XRP] which is the world’s third-largest digital currency. Ripple employs distributed ledger technology instead of blockchain and has been amassing talent for the last few months.

Hence this proves that the larger the tech giant, the greater is their need for “blockchain developers”. Specialists in this field get paid more than 100 grand every year. And that is the average.

“Blockchain Developers” are hot on LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s U.S. Emerging Jobs Report had stated how vastly this industry had grown during the previous year. For now, these jobs are mostly in Asia[Japan, Korea, Singapore, and other regions], and in the U.S.

As adoption spreads, more officers pertaining to this sector will spring up in Europe, Russia, Canada, etc.

Ripple[XRP] has been trading in the red zone for the better part of the day. The price of XRP is $0.39382 according to latest data. This shows how much difficulty Ripple[XRP] is having in breaking the $0.40 level. A slight decline rate of 0.66% was observed in the course of the past 24-hours.

The supply includes 42,566,596,173 XRP tokens. The trading volume recorded stands at $1.287 billion. The total market cap of Ripple is $16.763 billion.

At the dApp fest, Ripple executives had unveiled a presentation. It referred to the growing platform of RippleNet, and xCurrent was the major topic of discussion. Many banks within the borders of India are reportedly thinking of engaging the distributed ledger technology offered by the Ripple network.

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