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According to the latest survey conducted by Ripple, it is noted that within the coming four years, about 85% of the nations will adopt digital assets. The survey reveals the potential of the crypto niche to see widespread mainstream adoption. Notably, in the fall of 2021, the firm asked more than 1600 entities across 22 nations to discuss what they thought of CBDC. The respondents were divided into two groups representing financial institutions and non-foinancial entities who are making cross-border payments.

What does Ripple’s survey conclude?

According to the survey conducted by Ripple, the vast majority of the surveyors polled believed in the widespread of central bank digital currency adoption. Notably, with more than 85% of the respondents believe that digital currency will be adopted in the nation within the next four years.

On the other hand, from each group above 40% of the surveyors trusts that CBDCs are going to play a significant role in businesses, finance, and society. But less 10% of the respondents from each group also believe that the impact of digital assets is going to be non-existent over time.

Finance professional sees CBDC fostering innovation

The survey report conducted by Ripple also included that more than 40% of the finance professionals foresee that the central bank digital currencies are going to foster innovation.

When asked about the breakthroughs across eight possible metrics, all respondents ranged from 28-34% in the affirmative category. Notably, these metrics include increasing access to consumer credit and improving how businesses operate.

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Blockchain is the game changer in finance

According to Ripple, the impact of blockchain in the government issued fiat currency scenario could be a game changer. This is possible if governments adopt CBDCs. On the other hand, the report also concludes that the adoption of CBDC would potentially bring better inclusion, enhanced equity, more and more opportunities, and all these with new efficiency and enhanced competitiveness. However, there could be more potential outcomes.

Following the overall data, it is clear that the adoption of CBDC in the coming years will witness an uptick. CBDCs could be a more secure, agile, and sustainable approach in every sector.

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