Reveal Indonesia’s Stance on Blockchain and Crypto Adoption

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JAKARTA, Indonesia, July 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The rapid development of information and telecommunications technology has become an inseparable part of people’s daily lives in the digital era. One of them is crypto assets that got much attention in Indonesia recently. However, behind the fame of crypto assets there is a technology which is the core for the operation of these digital assets known as blockchain.

Indonesian Blockchain Conference 2021: Reveal Indonesia’s Stance on Blockchain and Crypto Adoption

The application of blockchain is not limited to digital assets. Blockchain can play an important role in a wider context, including more sophisticated digital identity systems, trade finance, and so on. For instance, in the current fight against the widespread pandemic, blockchain could provide a resilient solution to contact-tracking with a high level of privacy protection. It will certainly enhance our ability to prevent and mitigate future risks.

The Indonesian Blockchain Conference 2021, hosted by Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia, aims to educate the wider community regarding Blockchain technology and its potential for development in Indonesia. In addition to supporting the Government in carrying out innovation-based infrastructure development by promoting the implementation of blockchain technology as a means that is expected to facilitate the public administration process in various sectors in the future. “We hope that the Indonesian Blockchain Conference can strengthen local and international connections for the public and private sectors, not only can create a learning culture, but also can facilitate international partnerships that will result in the advancement of Blockchain applications to benefit the wider community,” said Asih Karnengsih, MM. as Chairwoman of the Indonesian Blockchain Association.

The Indonesian Blockchain Conference 2021 will be held following the success of the Indonesia Blockchain Conference in 2020. The event that will be held on August 9th will chew over 4 main topics: The Pandemic Meets the Digital Age. The Transformations towards A New Norm; Smart Regulation: Regulatory Framework for Blockchain-based Projects; NFT’s – Ready for The Mainstream; and Investor’s Guide to Digital Assets: 2021 Edition. Some Indonesian regulators will attend as panelists, the Vice Minister of Trade Ministry, Expert Staff of the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Director General of Informatics Applications of KOMINFO, and President Director of PERURI. From the industry side: Jeremy Ng – Managing Director of Gemini Asia Pasific, Hassan Ahmed – Head of Southeast Asia Coinbase, Charles d’Haussy – APAC Managing Director of ConsenSys, Caroline Bowler – CEO of BTC Markets, Branson Lee – CEO of ECXX, Kevin Pang – CEO of Mars Panda World NFT, Jonathan – Co-Founder & CEO of Bittrees, Jeth Soetoyo – Founder Pintu, Marcus Lim – CEO & Founder at Zipmex, Lawrence Samantha – CEO & Founder NOBI.

SOURCE Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia

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