Reddocoin to Fully Automate the Whole Dropshipping Process Through Blockchain

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New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – October 29, 2021) – Modern business is all about speed, so challenges like slow transaction processing, trust deficit, high transaction fee, and the high startup cost is affecting the growth potential of the dropshipping industry. Reddocoin promises to solve all these peripheral challenges by fully automating the whole dropshipping process, allowing players to focus more on core business, i.e., sales and marketing.


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Reddocoin does this by revolutionizing the global e-commerce landscape by automating dropshipping. It is fact the entry cost of dropshipping is very high, so the core idea is to simplify the process by eliminating unnecessary barriers.

Dropshiping offers immense opportunity, as the global dropshipping market size is expected to reach US$591 billion from the current level of US$162.44 billion. Reddocoin, the brainchild of co-founders Beka Natmeladze and Anzor Nishnianidze, has developed a Blockchain-powered fully automated ecosystem to solve several challenges the industry is facing.

Since the core focus of Reddocoin is the simplification of the dropshipping process, the company offers a highly customizable ready-to-use e-commerce website and helps retailers pool best performing and profitable products from a centralized Reddo system and import them to a user’s online store from anywhere in the globe. Most importantly, it makes dropshipping borderless, middleman-free, with highly smooth payment procedures, with the option to use Reddo token as means of exchange.

Native token holders have the advantage of easy payment verification in selected cryptocurrencies, the efficacy of transaction time, and the cost-effectiveness of payment made on Blockchain. Reddocoin offers attractive discounts, promotions, and other great deals to make dropshipping more profitable.

Reddocoin ecosystem is fully secure, as it passed the TechRate smart contract audit test. The simplification of the dropshipping process is already getting good responses from retailers globally.

Retail e-commerce sales reached US$4.28 trillion in 2020 and are projected to cross the US$5.5 trillion mark in 2022. Reddocoin is rightly positioned to revolutionize the industry by integrating several elements and eliminating barriers. The acceptance of cryptocurrencies is at an all-time high, and the industry is looking for an alternative that offers simplicity, speed, and scale.

Following smart contract audit approval, Reddocoin successfully raised $500,000 seed funds. Going by the buzz in the dropshipping industry, it could be easily said that Reddo is here to redefine the way this industry works.

Since transactions are executed using smart contracts, it eliminates the chance of fraudulent and unauthorized transactions. Most importantly, it simplifies the communication challenge by offering the Reddo chat tool.

Reddo eliminates the need for credit cards to make global payments as the user can pay to any seller anywhere from their Reddo e-wallet and get goods delivered to their doorstep. It is truly eliminating the barriers of retail trade with the efficacy of zero downtime, scam-proof, and no transaction failure.

Reddo is available for the public at $0.42, and the first round will remain open till November 10. Currently, Reddocoin is accepting ETH and BNB.

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