Rebel Satoshi a few weeks from launch, Dogecoin and Celestia struggle to maintain surge

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  • Rebel Satoshi is in its last presale stage, a few weeks before it goes live.
  • Dogecoin witnessed a 9% price boost spurred by a bogus X/Twitter story.
  • Celestia hit an all-time high amid potential airdrops and investors benefitting from attractive staking rates.

Recent episodes in the crypto market have resulted in interesting developments in Dogecoin (DOGE) and Celestia (TIA). On the one hand, Doge was the subject of a fake X/Twitter post. Meanwhile, the newly launched Celestia keeps making high after high.

Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) is another project on a similar trajectory. This revolutionary meme coin is about to be launched, with experts anticipating virality!

Rebel Satoshi is a few weeks away from launching

Rebel Satoshi is a rebellious meme coin with aspirations to conquer the modern monetary status quo and inject more decentralized finance. The project is motivated by Satoshi Nakamoto and Guy Fawkes, using their defiant spirits to fight against centralized oppressive authorities.

Rebel Satoshi is also bringing together a rebel-minded community to have fun and celebrate rebellion. Ultimately, joining Rebel Satoshi now can put anyone in a favourable position with its goal to hit $100 million in market cap.

Building upon rewards from the best DeFi projects, courtesy of the $RBLZ token, are the key enablers. $RBLZ provides perks like additional income from staking and access to the Rebel Artefacts Vault, where users can trade 9,999 rebel-symbolized unique collectibles and digital art characters as NFTs.

$RBLZ has risen an impressive 120% since the token’s presale began in November 2023, going from $0.010 to $0.022. It’s trading in the last presale stage, a few weeks before its official launch. 

The presale has sold about 104 million $RBLZ tokens, with 17% or 21 million left. In a symbolic nod to Guy Fawkes, Rebel Satoshi will ‘burn’ any unsold tokens after the presale, making $RBLZ deflationary. Users can also expect a 13.6% gain on their holdings as the token will be worth $0.025 but may go further once it’s listed on exchanges.

Dogecoin short-lived 9% surge

Altcoins to watch, like DOGE, are often the quickest to react to misinformation. Dogecoin was the subject of a rather bizarre story on January 10, 2024. An anonymous X/Twitter user irked many enthusiasts with a misleading screenshot. The latter spoke about the alleged death of Dogecoin’s beloved mascot, the Shiba Inu dog Kabosu.

This news caused DOGE to surge 9% in one day from $0.0765 to $0.0837 (now $0.0819). Strangely, the user soon stated afterwards that the post was fake. They proceeded to delete the news and their entire account. It’s not the first time rumours have circulated about the famous Shiba Inu.

Still, Dogecoin remains the leading meme coin, a key factor in positive forecasts that suggest DOGE can reach a minimum of $0.25 by next year.

Celestia surpasses $20 three months after launch

Celestia is slowly moving away from newcomer status as more investors learn about this new Cosmos-powered modular blockchain. Data from the likes of CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap shows TIA is in 31st place in the list of top altcoins. While some analysts believe it’s beginner’s luck and FOMO boosting TIA, other information provides insightful catalysts.

The first is the imminent airdrops conducted by new crypto projects Saga and Dymension. Both platforms will soon release their respective tokens to holders that own TIA, ATOM, AVAX, and MATIC. The other catalyst is the staking rates provided by Celestia, between 15-17%. This is higher than the average of staking platforms, making Celestia an attractive place for this purpose.

TIA is up almost 1000% (983%) since debuting on October 31, 2023, from $1.88 to $20.37. Moreover, forecasts indicate it could hit at least $40 by 2025.

For the latest updates and more information about Rebel Satoshi, visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram.


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