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Sydney, Australia – Newsfile Corp. – 8 December 2021 – Prime Apes is excited to announce the launch of their NFT collection on Ethereum.

Prime Apes are positioned right in the middle of a historical time in the cryptocurrency and non-fungible token (NFT) space. They have recently commenced their Early Bird Special and are set to fully launch their project by the middle of December 2021. Since they’ve arrived, people have seen some incredible hand-drawn generative art and innovation being shared.

The Prime Apes Club is launching on the Ethereum Network – December 18, 2021

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The Prime Apes club is a unique collection of 11,111 apes that are looking for eternal glory on the Ethereum Blockchain. According to the developer, the creative story being told behind the NFT is, “They were part of a human experiment. These apes were sent to many parts of the unknown universe and when they returned they came back completely different. They had evolved and their intelligence increased at least 42,069 times – now these Prime Apes with their new awareness have learned physics, engineering, cryptography, and anything else you could possibly think of. Some of them are friendly, some are mean, but they all came back to Earth to live the crypto dream.”

In the collection of 11,111 Prime Apes, there’s a class of rare apes with many of them having special prizes attached to them for the individuals who are lucky enough to mint them at launch. The team has been very focused on incentivising growth in their community in both strength and size and they have created ways for people to be rewarded for their efforts. Find out all the latest details in their Discord community.

Once the launch is complete, the Prime Apes team have stated that they will be offering a Dragon companion NFT that will be claimable for anyone who owns a Prime Ape NFT. They have also begun the process of acquiring land in The Sandbox metaverse to build experiences, revenue-streams and hangouts for their NFT holders’ benefit.

NFTs are stored permanently on the blockchain, they cannot be removed, destroyed, replicated or forged. They are also finite and have limited supplies, creating more scarcity which increases their value. Lastly, they provide proof of ownership and authenticity over a digital item due to the nature of blockchain technology. This means that nobody can fake that they own a NFT that’s not theirs, which further increases the value of the digital collectible.

The Prime Apes team have shown that they are fully engaged in their projects’ continued success and have already gained attention from some big names in the space. They have everything covered from marketing plans, to project expansion, sustained community growth and added utility.

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Prime Apes Are Set to Launch Their NFT Project on Ethereum

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