Polygon will power the 1st-ever blockchain-based police complaint portal in India

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We all know that blockchain technology is reaching new innovative feats every day. However, its latest use case in India is astonishing, to say the least. The Firozabad police force has launched a new complaint portal using the polygon chain, which will allow the public to file and track complaints in real time on the blockchain.

The state police department of Uttar Pradesh in India has become the first-ever civil service agency to use a blockchain-based complaint management system. This solution hopes to address India’s long history of police corruption and complaint mismanagement. According to the co-founder of Polygon, this initiative is the brainchild of the renowned IPS officer Ashish Tiwari. He is a popular figure in the Indian police force, often known for his tech-savvy vision. 

How will the Polygon-based police complaint portal work? 

As announced by the Firozabad police, the new portal will be accessible through policecomplaintonblockchain.in’. Users can simply go to the site, register their details, and file a complaint. They will be instantly provided with an auto-generated token number, which can be used to track the complaint’s status at any given time. 

The fact that every complaint is recorded on the Polygon blockchain, means that its public, transparent, and immutable. Any elements of the complaint cannot be changed either by the users or the admins. Through this system, users can now file a complaint from anywhere, without the need to physically arrive at the police station. 

Polygon believes that this new system will be a game-changer in establishing justice. India has a long history of complaint manipulation.  Several previous reports have suggested that a large number of complaints are never registered because FIR (first information report) is often refused by police officers. 

Having FIR registered on the blockchain means that no officer or authority can deny an individual’s right to complain. As suggested, the project will be a pilot system only available to the residents of Firozabad. If successful, this innovative blockchain complaint portal will be rolled out to other states and cities. 

Although India’s stance towards crypto has been rather strict recently, the country is still making noticeable progress in terms of blockchain adoption. Earlier this week, the government launched its first digital currency called the “digital rupee”. 

Nonetheless, this project is an example that blockchain is heading in the right direction and bringing sustainable changes across every sector and industry. 

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