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Updated on Tuesday, December 7, 2021 – 01:04

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A friend sends me a whatsapp. You are concerned because you made deposits with the intention of trading cryptocurrencies and it seems that you have been scammed. You have received an email telling you that you have to pay UK taxes in order to get your money back before December 15th.

When people ask me about topics, I often answer that I have no idea, because it seems much more honorable to say so than to get involved. The thing is, this time I know I have an idea. I said I have an idea, not that I know. Everything I do know is in a book, Bitcoin and Other Mysteries of the World Today, that I wrote a few years ago. The ‘other mysteries’ were the Catalan problem and the disappearance of the Popular Bank, to which I gave the suggestive title of Between all they killed her.

Well, it turns out that a few days before my friend’s message, I presented the BAS in Barcelona, Blockchain Arbitration Society, of which I was made Honorary President, I think for two reasons: a) because I know something about the subject; b) because I don’t know much. With these characteristics, a) understand a lot of what is being talked about; b) not get into the day to day of those who know a lot.

Because these BAS people, in addition to being good people, know a lot. I say that they are good people, because in business you have to be competent and decent. Someone who is only one of the two things does not serve me.

And i liked to talk about cryptocurrencies, but more than talking about the blockchain, the technology behind it, because that is what is revolutionary.

I have reviewed the notes you took at the presentation. What caught my attention the most is that they were talking about SMEs and not just large companies, which surprised the Honorary President, that is, me. I did not look surprised, of course, but I did not know that there are already large companies that ask small providers what processes they have implemented in blockchain.

(As I sometimes get a bit twisted, I think that maybe this has something to do with access to public subsidies for innovation. I mean, a lot to talk about European funds and I end up thinking how to get them).

I drew a few conclusions: a) that the topic is important, as was the discovery of the Internet; b) that it is not a fashion; In other words, Blockchain technology – now I am going to say a phrase that hits me back – ‘has come to stay’; c) that it is necessary to find out that this exists; d) that, as always, you have to train. (Again, either you try hard or you don’t know.)

I started the article talking about the call of the friend who made an investment in something that he did not understand.

Now I’m going to call you to tell you to read the article. I still get him to consider me a specialist.

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