NASCAR driver picks Bitcoin and Litecoin for sponsorship deal payment

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A professional NASCAR driver will be receiving at least part of his salary in cryptocurrencies, according to a new sponsorship deal that has been struck.

The professional NASCAR driver is Landon Cassill, who says he was already “very active” in the Litecoin market, and according to a report from Associated Press, Cassill will be receiving his entire sponsorship deal with Voyage in Bitcoin and Litecoin. The deal between Cassill and Voyage spans 19 years, and Cassill will receive a “portfolio of various digital assets” that contains Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Cassill states, “There are a handful of pilots who like crypto, but I am probably one of the ones who has been around long enough and I am quite comfortable with how it works. I can trade it right away before the market changes or hold on to it while the market goes up or down, take out a little, pay my bills with it and keep the rest.

Voyager CEO Steve Ehrlich said that the company is proud to have secured the first NASCAR sponsorship deal entirely with cryptocurrencies as payment and that he is glad that Cassill shares Voyager’s same vision for larger cryptocurrency adoption.

Crypto platforms use a lot of social media and community building as marketing,” added Cassill. “The big companies haven’t done a lot of national ad campaigns, so for Voyager to go after a national ad campaign is a sign that the space is really starting to branch out.

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