Monero Blackball Database Service Is Now Available For Enhanced User Privacy

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An XMR contributor released great news on Reddit regarding Monero’s privacy and the efforts to strengthen the privacy and safety features.

The Redditor wrote that he has been working for quite a while on getting the blackball tool up and running and “thanks to moneromooo’s hard work, the tool is now much more usable than it has been in the past.”

The Redditor goes on and explains that “some parts are still clunky, especially the conversion from the LMDB database to a wallet-readable format. It’s worth pointing out that moneromooo had the patience to walk me through this process also, which took several hours to get right.”

What is blackballing?

The XMR contributor continues the post by detailing what blackballing is for the users who haven’t got a clue.

There are various situations in which Monero outputs are known to be spent on particular transactions.

This used to happen in Monero’s past when people sent 0-decoy transactions, and it can still happen with chain splits as people reuse their key images without selecting the same output set for both operations.

As a conclusion, the Redditor says that a blackball database has the ability to enhance user privacy. It does this by telling users’ wallets to avoid including the outputs in their ring signatures.

The new version of the database is now available

The XMR contributor goes on and tells readers “I know that not everyone has the time or patience to run this tool themselves, so I have made my version of the database available on my new website: (which currently redirects to a GitHub site here).”

He also says that he has included “instructions to create your own database if desired, and I have included information on how to take my databases and add them to your wallets. May all your ring signatures have an effective ringsize equal to the real ringsize.”

You can read the entire post on Reddit here and more detailed information on the Monero blackball here.

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