MOAC @ Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto

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The Blockchain Futurist Conference was successfully concluded in Toronto, Canada. Toronto is the birthplace of Ethereum and home to thousands of blockchain enthusiasts and hundreds of blockchain startups. The Blockchain Futurist Conference has known the participation of more than 1000 elites.

Blockchain Futurist Conference was organized by Untraceable; the event was held for three days from the 14th to 16th August 2018. Untraceable is a Toronto-based company that has been organizing blockchain events since 2013; from the first Bitcoin Expo in Canada to the first Ethereum hackathon in the world;  this time, they created an unforgettable event that brought together the world leaders in blockchain technology. MOAC has had the opportunity to experience the next technological revolution and meet some of the outstanding industries open to cooperate for the sake of upping blockchain’s weight throughout the globe.

This conference is the largest and most highly-profiled blockchain event in Canada. It was packed with a combination of presentations and networking events. The first presentations discussed blockchain technology trends and future in commercial industries such as logistics, finance, gaming, and announced special news regarding new tech start-ups, investments, partnerships, etc. They shed light on the latest products and technology being implemented and the outstanding results they already saw in the market.

These topics aligned closely with MOAC’s purpose and vision. Our Chief Business Development Officer, Ryan Wang, gave a speech about blockchain status, blockchain application problems and MOAC’s solutions to these problems. Its structure makes MOAC the first multi-layer blockchain that is simultaneously scalable, secure, and decentralized. Besides, MOAC’s revolutionary sharding and microchain technology effectively are able to resolve Ethereum’s and EOS’s low TPS and scalability issues.

Ryan Wang highlighted that MOAC’s leading atomic exchange and asynchronous smart contract calling technology perfect the MOAC ecosystem, providing ideal conditions for true realization of large-scale commercial DAPP!

The audience portrayed great enthusiasm for the topic and interacted with Ryan Wang in relation to MOAC’s solutions for commercial application and its progress. They hoped that MOAC could further improve its development tools to achieve a public blockchain that would enable all enterprises and individuals to access it. MOAC is glad to have interacted with such an outstanding audience.

With over 1,000 industry leaders attending the event, MOAC was proud to be amongst the elites. The star-studded guest list included Anthony Di Iorio and Charles Hoskinson, co-founders of Ethereum as well as Larry King, a CNN legend.

Throughout the conference, there were many opportunities for fostering conversations and networking.MOAC is proud to have joined such interesting conversations and to have exchanged ideas with others. After all, all attending industries and individuals are eager to contribute to the progress of the blockchain technology.

We are grateful to all the fans who came to see us at the event. And we’d like to give our thanks to the organizer — Untraceable — for providing such a great platform for companies to raise capital, network and experience the next technological revolution.

We are looking forward to bringing MOAC to more events and we hope to see all our supporters and fellow enthusiasts there too. We will definitely be hosting an event of our own in the very near future — So stay tuned!

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