Medabots Takes the Blockchain Route

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California, USA, 5th November- While the smartphone gaming market is witnessing rapid growth, it is also representing a cost-effective opportunity for investors, mobile developers, and publishers. Medabots is a new trend maker in the gaming community.

The project hosts a series of goods such as, an NFT platform and “MEDA” the platform token that gives the video game users the ability to manage their in-game goods!

While still in their early stages, the Medabots team has collaborated with a London-based blockchain tech company called Chainsense Ltd. to build its own custom blockchain with a meda-consensus, designed especially for the gaming community.

As exciting it is, to say the least, it will give the gaming community a massive relief from the current superficial solutions. While the launch plan is set for early 2022, the team has already started strong early on with massive in-roads in their game development, as well as on the blockchain front. 

The founder who is a hardcore gamer himself was candid in saying, “The vision is to become ‘THE Blockchain’ for [the] gaming community. The fastest and cheapest for gamers by gamers!” Undoubtedly more to come in the following months but one thing is for sure, we are excited! Let us know if you are too by leaving comments below.

About Medabots

Medabots is introducing Medacoin! “MEDA” is a new cryptocurrency (BNB token) that gives videogame users the ability to manage their virtual in-game goods! Not only will it be the native currency of the Medabots NFT Marketplace, but there are also five other ways in which Medacoin can be utilized.

Visit the Medabots official website for more info.


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