Matrixport: Bitcoin to Hit $50,000 with Imminent Spot ETF Approval

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According to the most recent research conducted by Matrixport, the approval of a Bitcoin Spot ETF is expected to occur very soon, which would result in a significant increase in the price of Bitcoin to $50,000. A consolidation that occurred between the middle and the end of December is the basis for this optimistic projection, which was issued on January 2, 2024. It is supported by a number of important reasons, including the possibility of institutional investment and a change in market attitude.

A large chunk of Bitcoin is still not available on exchanges after the FTX crypto exchange implosions in 2022, according to the report, which underscores the risk of a supply bottleneck for the cryptocurrency. It is possible that this lack of liquidity may cause prices to rise, given that it is predicted that between $5 and $10 billion worth of fiat money might possibly join the market. The research titled “Unlocking the Superpower of Bitcoin in Asset Allocation,” which was published by Matrixport in July 2023, provides more evidence for this viewpoint.

The research makes mention to a favorable association between Bitcoin price movements and voting cycles in the United States, with historical data showing large returns during halving cycles. This further contributes to the optimistic feeling that has been circulating. Based on its ‘one-year-new-high’ indicator, Matrixport has established a long-term target price of $125,000 for Bitcoin. This measure demonstrates the company’s confidence in the upward trajectory of Bitcoin.

The previous projections made by Matrixport indicate that the prognosis is consistently positive. An example of this would be a newsletter published on February 17, 2023, which said that Bitcoin had surpassed $24.7K and attributed this growth to positive institutional investment as well as growing retail demand. An further study that was published on March 2, 2023, noted a 38% rise in Bitcoin during the month of January, which led to a considerable increase in investment in items that are tied to Bitcoin. Matrixport has maintained a positive posture about the potential of Bitcoin for a long time, and these findings together support that position.

In a nutshell, the findings of Matrixport’s study indicate that Bitcoin is on the verge of seeing a substantial price gain. This increase is being driven by a mix of market dynamics, the possibility of institutional adoption, and historical trends. The company continues to have a positive outlook on Bitcoin’s future potential, which is consistent with its earlier forecasts and market evaluations.

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