Manny Pacquiao Tweets ‘Alliance’ with 100xCoin | Is This Boxer Really Supporting an Altcoin?

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Manny Pacquiao, the Filipino boxer, has just tweeted out that he is now pleased to form an “alliance” with 100xCoin! The tweet even noted that 100xCoin is a particular deflationary Altcoin crypto, according to his statement.

Manny Pacquiao on 100xCoin

The tweet by Manny Pacquiao was definitely a shocker for some as the boxer had no prior mentions of anything crypto related until now. The reactions that the tweet got were mixed as some were welcoming him to the 100xCoin supporters while others were wondering why he would promote memecoins.

There were others that were more worried about Manny Pacquiao’s reputation cautioning that pump and dump schemes sometimes happen on altcoins. While there has not yet been a reply from Manny Pacquiao himself, this “alliance” comes as a shocker for crypto fans and boxing fans alike. While the top 10 cryptocurrencies seem to be improving, the question is, is 100xCoin a good Altcoin?

(Photo : Screenshot From Manny Pacquiao Twitter)
Manny Pacquiao Tweets ‘Alliance’ with 100xCoin | Is This Boxer Really Supporting an Altcoin?

What is 100xCoin?

For those that don’t know what 100xCoin is, the official 100xCoin website gives a description. According to the website, $100xCoin is known as a deflationary Altcoin that is built directly on the Binance Smart Chain. The site notes that they provide transparency as well as fair Tokenomics to their holders.

The site then encourages people to download the 100xAltbase, the platform tied to the coin, in order to buy Altcoins and meme coins. There are four key features that this particular platform offers and this is how they differentiate themselves from other cryptocurrencies.

How is $100xCoins Different?

1. Whenever a token is burned, the 100xCoins will become more and more rare without the owner having to touch them.

2. 3% of every single trade is actually burned which would constantly decrease the supply. The site notes that by reducing the total coins that are in circulation, the existing ones become more and more valuable over a period of time.

3. It was noted that 1.5% of every single transaction is actually used in order to fund marketing and development throughout their decentralized community.

4. There is an automatic liquidity pool for the coin. It was noted that every 5.5% of every single trade is going to be used in order to increase the total liquidity pool!

100xCoin Road Map

The road map specified on the website, however, shows that the altcoin has not been able to reach its June, 2021 target of reaching 100k holders. The July 2021 target is for the app to reach 30k downloads. The ultimate goal for August 2021 is for 100xCoin to reach 1 million holders.

NFT games have started to become more and more popular but there haven’t been many new platforms lately. On CoinGecko, there is still little to no information about the 100xCoin or $100X. The altcoin can be quite complicated in nature and according to the website, they already have 64,000+ holders in total!

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At the time of this writing, these are the given data so far:



Price: $0.000000010668

24 Trading Volume: $101,580

Total Supply: 899,330,487,854,449

The Circulating Supply is unknown

The Market Cap is unknown

All time high was at $0.000000106984

All time low was at $0.000000007088

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