Litecoin Millionaires Soar to 950 During Wal-Mart Price Action

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According to information released by crypto-data aggregator BitInfoCharts, there are a total of 950 Litecoin addresses right now which hold LTC tokens valued at over USD 1,000,000. This means that at least 950 people have reached ‘millionaire’ status, thanks to their Litecoin crypto holdings, not counting those who have LTC spread across multiple different accounts.

Out of these 950 accounts, 138 of these hold balances above USD 10 million. As of writing, the value of one LTC is equivalent to $182.96. This means that to be considered a Litecoin millionaire in September 2021, one would need to possess at least 5465.67 LTC. To be a billionaire would require a holding of 5465675.56 LTC or greater.

At present, the “richest” Litecoin address contains a balance of 3.97 million LTC, which is equivalent to USD 724.75 million. This single address accounts for 5.79% of the total circulating supply of LTC, with the top three accounts combined totaling over 10% of the total supply.

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