Litecoin and Dash Elliott Wave Cycles Point Resistance

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  • Most crypto currencies trade at resistance
  • Litecoin unfolds bearish running triangle
  • DASH is till looking lower for wave C

As per Elliott Wave analysis, LTCUSD can be still moving within a bigger bearish running triangle formation of wave B, ideally as part of wave (C) of C, so watch out for limited gains around 150 level. However, in case of much bigger recovery, then we may also consider a flat correction within wave B which can retest 200-250 resistance area.

Litecoin 4h Elliott Wave Analysis Chart

Despite that recent spike, DSHUSD can be still looking lower for wave C, but ideally once a bearish running triangle in wave B fully unfolds, where the final wave “e” can be now in play So, be aware of that drop back to lows for wave C before we will see a bigger recovery. However, just in case if rises back above 200 area, then we may still consider an irregular flat correction in wave B as an Alternate count that can retest 200-250 resistance zone

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